October 17, 2017

Mobile First Index Being Tested by Google

John Mueller from Google recently confirmed testing of the mobile-first index in a hangout. The testing is being done in the live search results. The number or percentage of searchers being witness to these live test results was not explained, but it is not expected to be very huge. The Google aims to build new classifiers to debug and wants to ascertain how it impacts the current rankings and searchers. As reiterated by John, the designing of internal classifiers is done to label the sites that have the corresponding desktop to mobile pages and which sites do not. This will help in knowing if any common issues are being noticed on the live web where they can make changes that […]  Read more
October 4, 2017
Apps Marketing

Complete ASO Checklist For A Successful App Launch

We have always heard the famous adage, “First Impression is the last Impression.” Thus, when planning to launch an app that you have painstakingly developed, you have to make sure that everything is right from its conception stage to successful launch. You can use the ASO Checklist to ensure that you have crossed every T and dotted every I so that when your app is launched, it gains immense success. Many companies offer high-end App Store Optimization Services that will help you to ensure that your app gets impressive visibility in its domain. Here, we bring you an ASP Pre-launch checklist that will ensure your app has everything that it takes to make it successful. It is important to understand […]  Read more
September 28, 2017

What You Need To Know About Magento Website Development?

The boom in e-commerce changed the landscape of the internet industry. Several open source platform for content management emerged on the scene. Some of them were exceptional while other faded out very quickly. Magento emerged as first among equals. It is an open source platform offering unmatched and unparalleled flexibility to manage the content, looks, and feature of e-commerce websites. The platform provides a lethal combination of scalable design and comprehensive support network. Return on Investment is fairly high. Hence, it’s a win-win situation for all. The tool can be easily integrated into shopping online website creating an attractive interface not only concerned with buying and selling. It offers a thoroughly delightful experience. Magento Website Development offers a lot of […]  Read more
September 25, 2017

How to Optimize Conversion Rates for PPC?

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization helps in optimizing landing pages, search ads, and the complete website design that has been sponsored to increase your conversion rate. In simple words, we can say that the goal of any website is to attract as much more as possible visitor percentage that comes to your site to convert. This way, the desired action can be completed. Conversion Optimization has gained quite a lot of popularity as it is the best way through which, without spending more on advertising, profits from sales can be increased. The rate of conversion varies greatly depending on the business model and industry. Nonetheless, everyone looks for a better way to escalate the conversion rate. A lot of resources […]  Read more
September 22, 2017
Ruby on Rails

5 Reasons Why Your Startup Should Use Ruby On Rails (RoR)

A fast popularity gaining server-side web application framework, Ruby on Rails has become one of the preferred frameworks, especially in the modern start-up ecosystem of today. Some of the major start-ups relying on this framework are Dribbble, Twitter, Airbnb and more. History of Ruby On Rails RoR was developed by DHH or David Heinemeier Hansson. This framework came into existence when David was working on Basecamp, his well-known Start-up. A framework is provided by Rails that has a robust structure over Ruby, a clean programming language. The framework has gained a lot of popularity, and there are many reasons behind its ever-increasing use. Benefits of Ruby On Rails RoR is being preferred by many developers because of its easy to […]  Read more
September 21, 2017
Adwords Campaign

Set Up Your Google Adwords Campaign in 8 Simple Steps

Are you planning to come up with an effective Google Adwords Campaign? It is important that this campaign is designed in such a way that best results are gained from the same. You can either plan an effective campaign yourself or seek the help of a reputed PPC Company who can set up a perfect campaign for you. Here, we bring you some simple steps that can help set up such a campaign easily and conveniently. Step 1 Visit https://adwords.google.com/home/ and create an account. On the home page of the site, you will find “Create your first campaign” tab. Click on this tab and carefully select the name of the campaign and the type of campaign. Initially, you can choose […]  Read more
September 21, 2017

How to Attract More Traffics Through Social Media Marketing Services?

Social Media platforms have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. With the number of people active on these platforms, it has become an excellent way to reach out to a wider base of target customers. Considering it as a golden opportunity, many digital marketing companies are now offering social media marketing services to their clients. These services are very useful in the field of advertising and promoting a company’s products and services. This service helps in integrating social media into a business corporation. In today’s highly competitive corporate world, there is a dire need of results-oriented advertising methods and promoting the business in a new and unique way. The promotion is done through various mediums, and one of […]  Read more


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