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July 10, 2018
Google Rebrands Adwords To Google Ads

Why Google Rebrands Adwords To Google Ads

Google launched Google AdWords 18 years back in the year 2000, as well as Google officially announced that AdWords will be simply Google Ads from 2018. Obviously, this new and advanced brand also created under the new name even it also features new logo in the Google Marketing Platform. Google is also working closely to re-brand AdWords for providing some exclusive features to the users. However this will offer some simplified product to small to large publishers, even advertisers also get benefits from this.  Why Google Rebuilds Adwords? Overall, it is highly useful at all time. When AdWords become Google Ads then Google Marketing Platform also consists of the Google Analytics 360 Suite at the same time it features Double […]  Read more
June 29, 2018
Instagram IGTV

Instagram IGTV – How To Use New Instagram Button

Instagram is one of the most used social networking site launched in 2010. It is a global community having one billion active users. It has recently launched its new feature named IGTV which is a new app for watching long-form videos from the user’s favorite Instagram creators. There is already a standalone IGTV app but the users can watch from within the Instagram app so that the Instagram users can use it from the beginning. The way people watch videos is changing. Teens are now watching 40% less television than they did 5 years ago and 60% more videos on Instagram in just the last year. How the teens are watching videos are changing and what they are watching is […]  Read more
June 27, 2018
Brand Building

Why You Need To Realign Your SEO Efforts and Focus on Brand Building

Your SEO efforts will probably not bring you the expected results if you don’t understand and acknowledge the fact that Google grants a preferential treatment to the brands. Established brands don’t just get better rankings with fewer links but are also allowed to resurface a few weeks after being penalized for misconduct. Smaller brands, on the other hand, need to have twice as many links as required by larger brands to get better rankings. They also don’t ever resurface once penalized for misconduct. This trend of bias and prejudice by Google is increasing and getting prominent over time. The rate of increase is so significant that the only thing you should apparently focus on in 2018 is brand building. Here […]  Read more
June 19, 2018
voice search

Guide to Optimization of Voice Search

There has been a gradual development in the evolution process of the search engines over the decades. These updates, especially updates from Google come up with better features which help the users to make the most from the technologies. The changes pr the improvements which has been brought by Google has not made surfing easier but also has benefited the users with many other features; for example voice search and the introduction of mobile sites. Why has voice search become so popular nowadays? Voice searches have become very popular nowadays. Statistics show that most of the searches made in a day are voice searches. This has mainly happened because of Bixby, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. Voice search […]  Read more
June 7, 2018
Page Speed Insight

Why does Page Speed Insights use FCP and DCL and How to Improve It?

There is no doubt that page speed is very important when you have a website. A fast site helps you rank higher in search results, thrives traffic and improves your visitor’s overall experience. Clearly, visitors are not happy when they have to sit around waiting for your site to load. So you know having a fast site is important. But how exactly do you speed it up? Some people are undecided as to just how powerful it is to have a good page loader. If you have slow loading and people have to keep clicking repeatedly on the browser because the images are not loading, or they can’t move from one page to another then you can be sure that […]  Read more
June 1, 2018

Top 10 Lists – Top Web Designing Companies 2018

If you are looking for a company that can help you with designing your website for your business, then you should ensure that you are hiring the best web design Company. This means that you need to find and learn who the top companies in the world are for the year so that you can contact them to help you. They have a team of experts who can help you with the entire process from start to finish. Here are just 10 of the top companies that can help you to create a gorgeous, elegant and stunning website for your business and everything that you should know about them. Below is the list of top 10 Web Design Companies across […]  Read more
May 31, 2018
Similar Content

Multiple Sites on Same IP is Not an Issue, but Same Content Is

John Mueller from Google recently clarified that numerous sites using the same IP address isn’t an issue. He did say, however, if the content is similar on these pages, then it would become an issue. This topic was discussed during a hangout for webmasters and one person had voiced their concern regarding traffic declining. The traffic had been declining on an IP address that had multiple sites and they wanted to know the answer to this. The webmaster had also said that not only were the sites on the same IP address but that they also had a similar structure and content. Mueller had explained to those participants that it isn’t the issue of one IP address having numerous sites, […]  Read more


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