July 13, 2017
SSL Setup for Wordpress website

How to Setup Free SSL for Your WordPress Website

There is a lot of information exchanged over the worldwide web with the help of the hyperlink transfer protocol. When that happens the by default, the protocol of HTTP is unencrypted. This means the data being transferred can be easily tampered and intercepted and is one of the prime reasons for the need of SSL (Secure layer of sockets). It goes without saying that there is the inevitable need for SSL to provide security to web forms to prevent leakage of information to hackers. You need not endanger the sensitive database of your customer’s bank details and for protecting information regarding user login. The various ways to set-up SSL are as follows. A brief idea regarding set up There are […]  Read more
July 10, 2017
Local SEO Guide

The Local SEO Guide You Need for Your Online Business

The biggest search engine in the world processes lakhs of searches in a single second. Every little second that is spent in browsing through the article an increasing number of people find the information they seek. Local optimization of search came up when many of the online portals were purging out spam and bad search results. The engine optimization has both pros and cons. These engines push put results which matter to ever individual or business that are medium or small. This helps in catering to products, services, and content to the people targeted. Therefore, here are a few guidelines regarding the local SEO guide you must know. Optimization of websites The humble beginnings are always from websites because it […]  Read more
July 7, 2017
SEO keyword-research

How to Do Keyword Research for SEO in 4 Steps?

Google keeps rolling out algorithmic updates now and then, and it requires everyone to optimize websites and consistent for marketers that are inbound. Therefore keyword research is fundamental. The research for keywords involves finding and searching terms that are real and are entered by people into the search engines. Gaining insight into the search terminology helps in forming a strategy for contents and marketing. There is a process you can follow that helps you to narrow down and come up with the list of terms to be targeted. This way you shall be able to execute and establish the strong strategy for keywords and get found. First step: Identify Subjects To give a kick start to this process, you must […]  Read more
July 5, 2017
Attract More Viewers

How to Attract More Viewers to Your WordPress Blog

Well, traffic is something that any blogger in any nook and corner of the world wants to have a survival online. The process is not that easy compared to blog building. You may have a whole lot of visitors making bulk visits to your page but it is not providing you the amount of satisfaction you desire. Some of the reasons that can be attributed for your dissatisfaction are the bouncing away of visitors right after they open your page. Therefore earning targeted visitors is a craft and above all an art. The following are the ultimate tips which pose useful for attracting a battalion of users to your website or blog. Signup Form Integration of a mailing list in […]  Read more
July 4, 2017
SEO Mistakes

Major SEO Mistakes That You Need to Avoid at All Costs

In the current times, search engine optimization is the mainstay of your business. One must also not rush into the whole process only to end up acting haphazardly. SEP can be the best thing, but there are many newbies and novice individuals who can make major mistakes. In the process, they can even cripple chances of becoming successful and endanger their own business. Some errors become a hindrance to your progress while others could get your sites penalized by the giant search engines. There are some of the gross errors you should avoid evading penalization at all costs, and these are followed. Quantity of links over quality Links are efficient for SEO, but it is to be noted that all […]  Read more
June 29, 2017
Google AdWords

Google AdWords Introduces Ads Data Hub

The use of mobile phones has changed the way you have been living your lives all this while. The devices that you possess help you watch, buy or find anything at any point in time. It was therefore shared on the internet that there has been a new cloud-based solution for measurement on YouTube. This has been specifically designed for the world of cell phones. The beta for this cloud-based solution has been announced early this year and is called the Ads Data Hub. This would help detailed insights for advertisers from their media campaigns. The user privacy will be protected under any circumstances. Below are a few tenets of the Data Hub. Drawing specific insights Ads Hub Data is […]  Read more
June 28, 2017

7 Powerful Benefits of Using PPC Advertising

Pay per click advertising has taken the advertisement industry by storm. This method gets you in the forefront of your viewers. There is just one small condition that says you must know it well to use it effectively. A mistake in this arena can cost you thousands, but a campaign that is well-run can make you millions. It offers results instantly. You can track it easily and provide every data that you wish to. There are many benefits of PPC services that are compelling and are as follows. Trackable and measurable PPC advertising’s advantages are run through AdWords that is easy to track and measure. You can do this by combining Google Analytics and the AdWords tool. You will find […]  Read more


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