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SEO reseller programs are a unique partnership between your company - one that might offer SEO services to some clients - and highly-trained, extremely knowledgeable SEO professionals. It is essentially an outsource point for your company’s most challenging SEO work. Sure, your staff might be fine handling some of the simpler tasks you’re asked to take on. But when it comes to the bigger stuff, you’ve got too many clients and too little time to do it all. We’ve got the tools and expertise to handle it for you, so you can remain focused on doing what you do best: providing excellent customer service in your own industry. Many companies love working with a reseller because it allows them to diversify their own offerings. Never thought of offering White Label SEO services to your clients before? Now you can, with the help of a partnership with our best SEO reseller programs. Simply take the tasks on and let us handle the hard stuff. You’ll love how easy it is - and your clients will love the results.

White Label SEO Reseller Programs by EZ Rankings helps you focus on your Business expansion plans while we take 100% responsibility of delivering High Quality and Guaranteed Top Page results. We help in creating a win-win situation for your esteemed clients. Under Local SEO Reseller services, we offer Bespoke solutions, Goal Expectation Consultancy, Guaranteed Results, Highly Competitive pricing, 100% ownership of projects and their performances, White Label Reporting, Timely delivery of reports and Ease of Communication via Project Management Platforms.

If you are looking for SEO Reseller services for Small Businesses, Medium Businesses or Corporate clients, EZ Rankings has wide range of SEO reseller plans to choose from. Our SEO Plans are categorized on the basis of Geo Targeting, Industry Targeting and Product / Service Targeting. We have been working with various global Digital Agencies and provide them white label SEO resellers services. Selecting the right outsourcing SEO partner is the most important task.

Pre Sale and Post Sale Assistance: We don't just say it, we act on it as well! In such highly competitive industry, we totally understand the importance of Good Proposals & Observations decks that can help you convert better. Once you touch the milestone, we help you with Pre sale proposals and not just this but also work with your agency Hand in Hand to get feedback and alien them with campaign strategy.

Cost: Cost is surely one of the most important factors behind considering outsourcing. We at EZ Rankings offer custom white label SEO Reseller Plans and pricing option for our Partners along with prompt assistance with client pitches and Keyword Research. Please feel free to compare us to ALL the other companies that offer SEO Reseller services and you will find us to be the most competitive. Over years of experience in the industry, we have been able to create a fine balance between Competitive Pricing and High Quality standards. Don't trust us? Try us! Contact us for SEO Reseller Packages

Scope of Work: There are no hidden surprises. You see what you get and you get what you see. We don,t believe in surprising our agency partners with hidden costs associated with content, Guest postings or High Quality Link Placements. If its there in the plan, you are getting it without any add on FEES.

Activities:Do take time to review the deliverable that Resellers Companies promise under each plan. There are lot of times where we ignore this point and end up getting only Directory Submissions for our clients. At EZ Rankings, we review our activities very often to ensure that our plans are in accordance with the latest trends & result oriented. We assist you with Website Audits, Keyword Research, On Page Optimization, Organic Link Acquisition & last but not the least traffic analysis & Lead conversions.

Project Management Tool: We don,t expect our SEO Agency Partners to wait for entire period of 30 days before they see updates. In fact, we as your trusted private label SEO Resellers Partner believe in daily communications via Project Management Tools.

Guaranteed Results: Yes, We do offer Guaranteed results. If this doesn't get your sale, what does??  Your commitment to the end client will totally depend on what time frames & commitments the selected SEO Reseller Company offers. There are different parameters to measure results such as Ranking Improvements, Traffic improvements, Conversions & # of Goals full filled.

NO Obligatory Contracts: Yes, you read it right! There are no contracts. You can start & pause campaigns based on results, client’s convenience etc. Not only this, we can switch keywords too.  

These are just a few parameters but surely the most important ones to help you make a decision. At Best SEO Company in India, EZ Rankings we have a range of local white label SEO reseller packages that give you a lot of options to choose from as per your specific client requirements and budget.


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How does our SEO Reseller Model Works?

You may be wondering how a reseller model at EZ Rankings can benefit your business. To understand this, it’s important to see a breakdown of how our models work. For the basic model, your company will contact us with an outline of what’s being asked of you by your client. After your initial contact, we will follow up with the format of your choice - Skype, WhatsApp, email or phone - and get a better picture of your exact needs. Once we understand one another better, we can move forward with providing the services you need. For our more intensive service packages, you may choose to partner with EZ Rankings on a more long-term basis. This is best for companies who want long-term SEO help but aren’t looking for an in-house solution or who are looking to cut costs. Whatever your needs, one of our search engine optimization reseller models can help you meet them. You simply need to fill in the form present above to know more about our SEO Reseller Packages & Plans.

Our Specialized Services

We cover all the aspects of your client digital marketing needs!

What EZ Rankings offer under SEO Reseller Services?

Our White Label SEO Reseller Program work in the simplest way possible. There are no logins, no commitments. You simply contact the Sales Representative over call, mail or Skype. They will assist you with the Rates or deals available. This leaves enough room for you to mark up & still be affordable locally.

Benefits of coming on board with white label/Private Label SEO reseller program:

  • Assistance in Free Website Analysis & Seed Keywords Analysis (Pre- Sale Activity)
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Access to Project Management Tools
  • Insights from Paid Tools
  • Bifurcated Monthly Plans
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Assistance with Client Reviews over Calls (Post Sale Activity)
  • FREE Organic Promotion for Agency (Reward Program)
  • Discounted Pricing (Reward Program)
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Heat Map Analysis
  • In Depth Consultancy (if required)
  • NO Contracts

So, Contact our Sales Rep TODAY to help you sign up!

Our SEO Reseller Programs

Let Us Know Type Of SEO Reseller Programs You Are Interested?

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Ideal For

  • Agency with Limited or No knowledge of Search Engine or Internet Marketing Services
  • Agency who don't want to invest on SEO tools
  • Agency how's main business is not SEO

Ideal For

  • Agency with basic SEO knowledge and digital industry.
  • Agency looking to minimizing the investments and not hire
    in house team
  • Agency that doesn't want to manage daily SEO activities

Ideal For

  • Agency with Good SEO understanding
  • Agency who doesn't want to have in-house team and save on people management cost
  • Agency who are into digital industry and use client base.

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Enhance Your Profit with Our SEO Reseller Programs

When your best clients come to you with requests that are outside the scope of your knowledge and experience of SEO, you don’t have to sacrifice doing business with them. Instead of offering them subpar work or deadlines that seem to stretch on forever, you can outsource the work they’re asking of you to companies like ours and rest assured that everything will be done right - and you can retain your best clients without overwhelming your workforce with tasks they aren’t prepared to handle.

Know more about Local SEO Reseller Services?

Small companies and organization who are not in a position to commit to an entire white label SEO services program can enter the digital market platform by using SEO Reseller Packages & Plans of bigger companies. Our Search engine optimization reseller program with best SEO service is the perfect solution. Our white label SEO Reseller programs under your brand gives you the platform to grow your Digital Marketing AgencyOutsource your SEOSMOWeb Design & Development, Content MarketingLink Building and more…

When you choose to partner with Local SEO Reseller services agency, you need to be sure of these things: 

  • Should be experienced to handle your customized needs and demands
  • Must have experts who are specialized in various domains and areas
  • Highly result oriented
  • Should understand the analytics of various search engines including Google
  • Best SEO Reseller packages should be trustworthy since you trust them with your money, time, strategy, and efforts

In all, you need to hire best SEO company like EZ Rankings who would diligently work towards putting your brand forward and putting your brand ahead of all your competitors.

FAQ: SEO Reseller Program:

If you are new to the Digital Marketing, you can start reselling SEO services to your friends/ family or network of acquaintances as & when they need the service. This will help you establish the process & gradually help you sell white label SEO reseller services to an entire different industry with confidence. If you are from the Digital domain, you can route your clients to us once we agree on the plans required for each account. You can also add SEO service as one of the extended service if you are a PR firm, Web Design & Web Development firm etc.

SEO takes time. However, it lasts longer if done ethically correct. When working with us, you should expect improvements from Second Month onwards.

The usual time frame to achieve Page 1 totally depends on keywords targeted & how competitive the keywords are. The estimated time frame to achieve Page 1 rankings can be from two months (Niche Market) & can go upto a year (Highly Competitive Domain). Not only this, there are other factors too that contribute to the success of SEO & time taken to achieve results. We do provide estimations for you to establish expectations. Based on the forecast, you can commit to your clients accordingly.

There are 2 ways to earn money as a partner. First- You can mark up the cost per package & charge your clients as per local competitive pricing model & earn mark ups. The second way is by opting for Dedicated team (Huge savings) & sell your own SEO packages at locally competitive pricing & earn accordingly.

Our SEO Reseller Packages take care of the following: Technical Audit Recommendations, On Page Optimization, Off Page Optimization, Data analysis & Reporting

Yes, we can do that but there will be a different arrangement for the campaign.

Never! Since all the reporting will be White Label. There is no chance that the client will ever find about EZ Rankings.

No, there isn’t!! Its a free term wherein you are free to activate or pause campaign as & when required. However, we suggest you to continue SEO for at least 5 to 6 months in order to understand the impact SEO brings to your website.

Once you sign up under SEO resellers program, all the work reports that we compile, all the reports will have your company’s logo & colour theme. This will help you end clients to relate to the work being done by your company.


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