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Businesses need digital content. With consumer audiences online, organizations can’t afford to ignore those markets. But catering to those markets requires SEO knowledge and content. If you run a marketing agency, providing these services will help you get more clients, which increases your revenue.

But not all marketing agencies are equipped with the right talent. If your team is in a scramble to meet deadlines, or you don’t have the time, energy, or resources to hire, train, and manage SEO experts, it may be time to consider being a reseller of SEO services. At EZ Rankings, our goal is to help you accomplish that. We can grow and improve your business with our Reseller SEO Service program. If you find it hard to deal with the search engine optimization aspects of your projects, talk to us about taking them over. By becoming a part of our program for reselling SEO services, we can help you make your clients happy.

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What You Will Get in Our SEO Reselling SEO Services

A reseller program refers to the process of selling someone else’s SEO services as your own. That eliminates the need for you or your team to build an SEO strategy, implement the campaigns, and even hire, manage, and train SEO professionals. You won’t even need to know anything about SEO tools. By being a reseller of SEO services, you can fulfill the needs of your customers much better. And with the EZ Rankings team, selling SEO is quick and easy. 

  • Website Audit Report

As a part of our resell SEO services program, we will perform website audits on your clients’ pages. Experts on our team will carry out a full analysis of everything related to the quality of their websites’ search visibility. We then generate a complete and detailed report to help your client understand why his or her site isn’t generating the level of traffic they expect. That report also offers suggestions on how we can improve their sales and conversions. 

With a comprehensive audit service to provide your clients with the feedback they need, you can concentrate on other aspects of the project. Leave the SEO details to us. With a plan that’s fully customized to the needs of your client, we can improve your clients’ sites, ensure client satisfaction, and help you deliver exceptional results.

  • Keywords Research

We also handle the keyword research for your clients. After we identify the reasons why the pages keep getting little to no site traffic, we come up with strategic keywords to target in your client’s website content. We also provide content that is optimized for users and search with our in-house team of SEO experts.

Our keyword research services help you by generating specific search data that can help you answer questions for your customers, such as: 

  • 1. What do people search for in that category or business?
  • 2. How many people search for those keywords?
  • 3. In what format do they want that information? 

We answer those questions for you. We have the tools and experience to come up with strategies to help your clients understand their target market better and what keywords their customers use when they search for their products or services.

  • On-Page Suggestion & Implementation

Let our on-page SEO and implementation expertise help you provide the best SEO packages to your clients. With a seasoned team of pros, you can trust us to achieve higher rankings for your customer’s search engine organic results. If you’re thinking about the merits of running a successful search engine marketing campaign, talk to us. Our skills and talent will help you achieve the best outcomes for your customers’ pages.

We also have on-page SEO tools that make the work easy for us. With onsite SEO optimization tools, we are able to optimize entire client websites. Our on-page SEO tools also optimize content for a target keyword contained in a single blog post. We make the most out of that by checking the proper headings. Are the keyword placements right? What about the quality of the content?

  • Content Marketing

But content isn’t enough. We know that. That’s why we make it simple and stress-free for you to provide excellent content marketing services to your marketing agency’s clients. We know what content marketing strategies will be effective after carefully evaluating your clients’ pages. Once we come up with a content marketing strategy to position clients into trustworthy and authority figures in the field, we can help your clients grow their business and retain their customers.

You make all that possible by becoming a part of our Reseller SEO Service program. Learn more about the content opportunities you may be missing out by not enrolling in our program. If you want to expand your business, make content work for your customers. Ask us how. 

  • Link Building

Link building services should be a part of your marketing strategy. But it requires specialized skill and training. If your marketing agency doesn’t have a qualified expert on the team, leave that to us. Our resell SEO services program can help your clients improve the user and navigational experience of their pages. 
If you don’t know or have no experience in the best ways to build links, then concentrate on your core tasks and let us handle the link building efforts for your clients. Our team has worked and provided the same services to companies before. Whether it’s about ensuring that search engines crawl between the pages of your client’s websites, or getting ahead of their competition, we know and do what it takes to help your clients succeed.

  • White Label Reporting

More and more companies now request detailed reports to help them make smarter decisions about their businesses. Keep in mind that reports are opportunities for your business to shine. The right one can help you demonstrate how much you’ve helped your client, along with everything else that you can still do to improve their business through affordable SEO services. 
If you aren’t showing clients how you can help them improve their rankings, or what better, impactful SEO can do for their revenue, expansion, and success, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Contact us and let us help you make the most of that chance.

Our SEO Reselling Programs

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Ideal For

  • Agency with Limited or No knowledge of Search Engine or Internet Marketing Services
  • Agency who don't want to invest on SEO tools
  • Agency how's main business is not SEO

Ideal For

  • Agency with basic SEO knowledge and digital industry.
  • Agency looking to minimizing the investments and not hire
    in house team
  • Agency that doesn't want to manage daily SEO activities

Ideal For

  • Agency with Good SEO understanding
  • Agency who doesn't want to have in-house team and save on people management cost
  • Agency who are into digital industry and use client base.

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EZ Rankings has been working with clients since we launched the business in 2010. We’ve grown, expanded our operations, and gained a lot of experience since then. From five-star reviews to a lot of happy and satisfied clients, we provide small businesses with marketing strategies, implementation assistance, and professional SEO services to help them get the results they want. 

If you are looking to expand the services you provide your clients, want to improve the range of SEO content that you can deliver, improve the quality of the work, and more, reach out to us. Our process is simple and reliable—because we know what matters. We make it easy for you to expand your capabilities, acquire more customers, and deliver data-driven results. With the EZ Rankings team to provide the support that your business needs, we bring success to your organization. Partner with us today and discover the opportunities that will open up for our company and yours. 

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