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Search Engine Optimization is an ethical and proven approach to taking your website to the top of the search page. A lot of companies are skeptical about SEO services!, but at the same time it is not enough to simply make a webpage find coverage. There are many advantages to being on the first page of search engines, considering Google clocks in at 40000 inquiries a day, and it happens to channel 90% of all search engine traffic through its servers. In fact, the higher up you are on the list, the better your chances of getting coverage because the first five results get 67.5% of the clicks. 
Now at this point, you could pay Google to put your ad on the first page, but that might turn out to be a waste of money considering 80% of the people choose to ignore the paid ads, and opt for organic results. Hopefully, by now you would be convinced that you need Organic SEO services to help boost your webpage chances. SEO services are not an exact science, but an evolving craft, with reliable methods and analysis that keep up with the ever changing landscape of the internet.

Our SEO services Los Angeles Include:

With every client, SEO services los angeles offers a personalized approach to your company’s requirements with established and ethical techniques. EZ Rankings allows for the latest developments via the SEO company Los Angeles ca, where you can build reliability and credibility for your company and webpage, allowing it to flourish organically.
  • In-Depth Site Review & Technical SEO Audit
    There are two important aspects to doing basic procedures on your site before we delve into the more meticulous and long-term aspects. A lot of companies choose to skip out on them, but nowadays it has become a necessity to optimize crawling ability, indexation and performance. As the top SEO Company Los Angeles ca, we first conduct a thorough check on how your website fares and ranks overall. Then, we use researched analytics from marketing surveys, tools and research to show you the best approach to your web page optimization.
  • Keywords Analysis
    One of the major factors involved in getting your webpage recognized by the Google algorithm is smart and strategic use of keywords. We do not use black-hat methods like keyword stuffing and spamming, since that can harm your webpage more than help it. We analyze your use of keywords and optimize them to objectively present and cater to the content you are providing and the content that the public will search for. We localize your keywords since a good percentage of the traffic comes locally.
  • Competitors Analysis Report
    You would want to be in the know-how about your competitors’ performance, considering almost every one of them will be using similar keywords. Using legal and ethical analytical tools, our SEO services los angeles experts go through competing companies and see where they succeed and where they fail. We learn not only where you rank amongst competitors, but also trends that might be helpful in getting your page up the list. Companies choose to opt out of this due to legal reasons, but the methods are 100% legitimate.
  • On-Site SEO Optimization
    On-site optimization is only 20% of what determines how well your company page does. The rest of the SEO services occurs off-page. Even so, On-site optimization is crucial, where the content of the page, the HTML and the very URL of the page comes into factor while optimizing on-page elements. 
    Here, we beautify your webpage, brush up your web content to not only reach keyword goals but also to be linguistically enhanced and basically do everything to make it look attractive enough for people to want to click on it.
  • Off-Page SEO
    Off-page SEO takes up most of the work and encompasses any number of factors. It is made up of link-building and back-linking from trusted companies, and promotions by other companies. Your trustworthiness, reliability and credibility perceived by the searchers are something we aim to optimize. Other aspects like guest blogging, marketing over social media, and the influencer market are all factors we take into consideration. Research shows users choose web pages with authority and trustworthiness, which is something our services can achieve.

Why Choose Us for SEO services Los Angeles?

For any number of reasons, you would have chosen to use a search engine optimization service. But why choose us as your SEO company Los Angeles CA?
  1. We make sure your site organically makes its way to the top, with no help from paid ads.
  2. Our methods are ethical and ticked positive against Google’s legal requirements. You can feel safe and secure in our hands.
  3. We offer personalized advisories that cater specifically to your company.
  4. We do not use cheap, hacky methods like black hat methods to help your webpage.
  5. We keep ourselves updated with the latest algorithms, and keywords and phrases that are more commonly used.

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Once your page is optimized and on top, we make sure to keep it there through long-term updating on where the Google algorithm is headed next. Get in touch with EZ Rankings - SEO company Los Angeles ca, for an exceptional SEO experience!


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Local SEO Packages Startup Growth Booster
Keywords 5 10 20
Keywords Top 10 Guarantee(%)* 20% 25% 30%
Global Seo Packages Startup Growth Premium High Volume
Keywords Plan Upto 15 Upto 25 Upto 40 Upto 70
Keywords Top 10 Guarantee(%)* 20% 25% 30% 35%
Ecommerce Seo Packages Nano Enterprise Blast Mega
Keywords Plan Upto 30 Upto 50 Upto 100 Upto 200
Keywords Top 10 Guarantee(%)* 25% 30% 35% 45%

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As the name depicts, SEO Company offers SEO. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. It's a technique that involves several elements like: On Page, Off Page, Content, Data Analytics, UI & UX etc. If done correctly, SEO can help your website rank higher on Search Engines like Google & help you get lots of traffic & sales. This is one prime reason behind getting a website build & gradually get the website optimised to bring in more sales / enquiries.

Choosing the right SEO Company plays a crucial role in the success of your Organic Digital Branding. Hence, some time should be invested before making the decision. There are several elements on which you can score the shortlisted SEO Companies & then make a choice from the list. Most of customers try & identify the right company on the basis of Cost, Experience, Team Size, Reviews, Market Reputations & First impression when they talk to someone at the shortlisted SEO Company. So, please do your research before you choose the right SEO Company.

This can change from one company to another. Some SEO Companies do offer 360 degree Digital Solutions & SEO is just ONE of the service they offer while there can be some that ONLY offer SEO services. If we look at activities under SEO then usually most the SEO Companies do work around On Page, Off Page, Content Syndication etc. The factor that differentiates one SEO Company from another is QUALITY & Other Add Ons activities. SEO Companies that invest in Quality Content & High DA/ DR links, tend to charge higher compared to others that offer average quality.

On Page & Off Page are two very important aspects of SEO. To simplify, On Page SEO refers to changes that are done directly on the website. Example: Meta Tag Optimization, H1 Tags, Anchor Tags, Inter Linking, Content Optimization etc. While Off Page SEO refers to activities that are performed on other websites in order to bring in benefits for the given website. Example: Guest Blogging, Link Syndication, Content Syndication, Classified Submissions, Product Submissions etc.

Absolutely!They work & that is why you end up seeing few websites in Top positions out of million other websites. SEO is the next step after the brand gets the website designed. In fact, there is no point of getting a website designed if you don’t intend to get SEO done because otherwise How your potential audience find you? So, Yes, SEO works & so do SEO Companies. You can measure this by measuring improvements in Rankings, Traffic & overall Conversions they bring on the campaign.

Yes, we do! There are 2 ways of looking at it. Some people claim that no-one can guarantee rankings but the fact is rankings play a crucial role in determining the success of SEO. Why would any business invest in SEO if the ROI is not promised? We guarantee rankings based on our experience of working on several different industries & domains. The timeline can differ as it’s dependent on keyword competition, domain age, current situation etc but Page 1 ranking is what we Guarantee.

SEO Plans are generally differentiated on the basis of number of keywords, types of activities & quantities of activities. These factors do play a major role in increasing or decreasing monthly SEO fees. So, if you are a part of Highly Competitive industry then packages with lots of activities / E-commerce packages are advisable but if you are a niche / local business then local SEO packages are advisable.

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