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EZ Rankings is a top PPC company that employs paid search to boost your company's revenue. We can help you advance your website traffic, leads, conversions, and profits with our effective PPC services. Our specialized Pay Per Click measures will help you meet your objectives while also allowing you to track and maximize your ROI.

Pay-per-click, shortened as PPC (Pay Per Click), is a type of paid online advertising that businesses use to get sponsored traffic instead of organic traffic. With PPC, advertisers are billed every time someone clicks on their ads on digital media.

PPC is frequently used in a digital marketing plan to reach a specific audience. It's an easy way to get some exposure and traffic as paid advertisements boost brand awareness by 80%. Moreover, paid advertising yields a 200 percent return on investment (ROI).

It is, however, charged, which means that if not properly budgeted and implemented, a business may wind up spending money without seeing any real returns.

Clients who have used EZ Rankings' PPC services India have seen an increase in their ROI. Moreover, clients have also witnessed growth in paid traffic in a short time as a result of our experience and skills. Combining SEO and PPC services can help a firm outperform its competitors and increase earnings. Your website can generate meaningful leads and conversions with the help of our PPC experts and solid methodology.

Bring EZ Rankings on board to help you create a tailored PPC advertising campaign that targets your preferred audience or demographics. With our PPC (Pay Per Click) measures, you can achieve maximum sales and enter the realm of rapid business scaling with authority. Get expert advice from us on how to improve your online paid advertising approach that can improve your ROI in a limited time.

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About Our PPC Services

With EZ Rankings PPC services, our clients can target their customers in various ways through paid ads. After understanding what's suitable for our clients, we target their customers through the following ads:

Textual Ads

Textual ads are paid advertisements that are used by marketers to promote a company's products or services on the Google network. As a result, these ads appear on the Google network and the SERPs and are simple ads that contain promotional text. Furthermore, 55 percent of those who click on Google Search Ads favor Textual Ads, according to Clutch.

A display network, a search network, and search partners make up the Google network. The search network and mobile results display these textual ads differently and these advertisements also make it clear to the user that they are funded.

EZ Rankings - PPC advertising Company, offers textual advertising services to help clients enhance their web visibility and traffic. Increasing traffic and sales results in a significant increase in ROI. For your textual ad campaigns, get our 360 PPC assistance.

Display Ads

On the Google display network, display ads are aesthetically beautiful, well-crafted advertisements. The Google display network includes all Google-owned domains such as YouTube, Gmail, and billions of websites on the Google SERP. According to SEMrush, Google's Display Ad Network alone reaches 90% of global internet users.

You can easily construct campaigns around your goals using EZ Rankings' display ad services. With our PPC marketing services, we can help you accomplish your conversion, leads, traffic, visibility, and sales goals. With clever bidding and customized targeting, you may reach individuals in any region of the world. With our PPC solutions, you can properly set up your PPC ads and conquer all your online marketing goals.

YouTube Marketing

After Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine. It is a Google-owned video platform that also allows for commercial advertising. Companies can use YouTube advertising to target their customer base and reach out to them quickly.

Get your message across to the right audience at the right time and turn your viewers into customers. Businesses can easily increase website visitors, subscribers, purchases, and more with YouTube ads.

Our clients benefit from our paid YouTube marketing measures, which help them get 2X more views and 4X more awareness. EZ Rankings - PPC marketing Company, can help your business stay on top, whether it's through a mobile version or a desktop YouTube ad version.


Remarketing is all about re-engaging former website visitors and getting them to perform a previously uncompleted action. Marketers use this functionality to actively target prior website users and persuade them to take a specific action. It's a method of directing people to your website. Hence, it's a powerful strategy for increasing sales and conversions. Take this statistic from Wishpond as an example: the average CTR of remarketing advertisements is 10 times greater than that of display ads.

Remarketing can be viewed as a second chance to convert a visitor into a buyer. With successful remarketing, existing or past clients can be targeted and brought back to the website.

We assist our clients with an effective remarketing strategy by remarketing on various platforms such as Google and Facebook ads. The clever remarketing method used by the best PPC management company in India, EZ Rankings persuades prior visitors to become clients. Our smart remarketing strategy can help you maximize your ROI and increase brand awareness.

Shopping Ads

As per Adthena, Google Shopping Ads now account for 76.4 percent of retail search ad spend in the United States, and 85.3 percent of all clicks. Shopping campaigns have made it easier than ever for retailers to boost their local inventory and online presence. It's simple to locate qualified leads and increase paid traffic with paid shopping advertisements. Potential clients will eventually be able to see the shopping advertising created on Google Ads. Because they appear in a different, visual format, shopping ads are also known as placement shopping ads.

Furthermore, shopping ads show the product's photo, price, title, and store name. As a result, these advertisements are more than just text.

With EZ Rankings PPC services, you can get sophisticated ideas for selling with shopping advertising. With our services, you may provide your customers with a strong sense of the product. With our sponsored shopping ad services, you can persuade them effortlessly.

App Installation Advertisement

Mobile app install ads contain a link to app listings on Google Play or the Apple app store. Users can download an app directly from these ads. It's also feasible to change or amend the ad content throughout the ad serving process, depending on where it's displayed. This is done automatically by Google advertisements to guarantee that users have a positive experience with the ads.

App installation ads are highly effective. According to AppsFlyer's annual forecast, global app installs ad expenditure would reach $118 million this year, roughly doubling previous levels.

It's simple to get your app in front of your target audience with the best Pay per Click advertising company, EZ Rankings. We build captivating advertising that entices your target audience to click on them and download the app, increasing your downloads, sales, and profits. With our powerful app installation advertisement services, you can reach the right audience and multiply your app downloads and conversions.

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Our Process

At EZ Rankings, we understand that no two businesses are the same. Each company is unique and has its own set of requirements. With this in mind, we ensure that each of our clients receives a unique PPC approach. This is how we go about it:

Why EZ Rankings Is The Best Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Company For Your Business?

Even though we could provide you with a long list of reasons why we're the best PPC agency from India to work with, here are a few of our clients' favorite reasons:

Conversion Based PPC Campaigns

We focus on setting up campaigns that can accelerate your conversion rate. For this, we study your sales channel and market standing. We promptly remove any hurdles to set up robust campaigns that can boost your conversion rate swiftly.

Accurate Analysis

We deliver the best counsel and advice to our clients by using accurate reports and data analysis technologies. We develop and navigate data-driven PPC campaigns using our skills and experience. At EZ Rankings, we create successful campaigns for all of our clients using data analysis.

Landing Page Optimization

With landing page SEO services, we help clients discover more. Visitors convert on landing pages, and we make sure that the landing page entices them to take the desired action. Use our PPC expertise to create your campaign pages and obtain the results you need.

Effective Campaigns

Not only are our methods personalized, but we also make sure that our campaigns generate the essential leads that convert. We want to help you increase your revenues, so we create personalized campaigns that are beneficial just for your company.

Use Of Meaningful Ad Extensions

We boost your conversion rate by offering the necessary additional information about your business with meaningful ad extensions. At EZ Rankings - PPC Company in India, we create ad campaigns that include appealing extension advertising to ensure that the ads perform well and rank better than the rest of the competitors' ads.

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Pay Per Click, or PPC is a type of online marketing in which advertisers are charged every time one of their ads is clicked. The word "pay per click" comes from the fact that you only pay when the ads are clicked. It's a type of paid marketing that allows businesses to increase lead generation and conversions as the ads get displayed in the paid results of the search engines. PPC advertising services allow you to choose where you want to advertise and how much you want to pay for each click. You decide on a budget and create campaigns to produce qualified leads and conversions.

It's feasible to get new traffic, prospects, and conversions quickly using PPC, Pay Per Click Services. Your company can become prominent and generate new prospects if you bid correctly on the appropriate keywords. Advertisers can also pay for and guide campaigns in the desired direction using reliable data analysis. This allows a firm to pay for traffic rather than organically generate it, which can help a company grow quickly.

PPC is a form of paid advertising, whereas SEO is based on natural methods of online marketing. Furthermore, with PPC, a company is more likely to see immediate results, whereas SEO can take time. On a SERP page, SEO optimized results display beneath the PPC paid result.

t's feasible to develop persuasive paid ads for Google search results and other Google-owned properties using Google Ads. Other common PPC platforms used by advertisers include display networks, app platforms, and general websites.

Keywords are the particular search queries that individuals type into a search engine while looking for anything. Google and other search engines display relevant sponsored and unpaid results based on the keywords.

If a company has optimized for a given term, it has a better probability of showing up in the search results based on whether it's optimized for the paid search or organic search.

With regards to paid ads, there are mainly three types of keywords:

Broad Match Keywords: Keywords are by default broad match. With a broad match keywords setting, keywords that are similar to your chosen target keyword can also make your ad appear in the search results. Hence, your ads appear for a wide range of terms.

Phrase Match Keywords: Phrase match keywords are more specific than broad match keywords. A little more targeted, this type of keyword setting focuses on the meaning of your target keyword. If the meaning of the keywords matches with your set target keyword, then the ad appears for that specific keyword search.

Exact Match Keywords: With exact match keywords, the ad appears for searches that have the same meaning or terms as the set keyword. This is the most specific that an ad can be targeted and optimized.

There are various types of PPC ads as they are explained below:

Textual Ads: These are simple text-based ads that appear on the Google network and allow marketers to communicate with their audience about their products or services.

Display Ads: Display ads, unlike ordinary text ads, are visually appealing ads that appear on the Google network. These ads show whenever a person browses the Google network's available websites, which are in the millions.

YouTube Marketing: It's even possible to create ads on the YouTube network by advertising as per target location, interests, and demographics.

Remarketing: It's possible to remarket to old visitors and convert them by just asking them to perform a previously uncompleted action. Remarketing ads are ads that are specifically aimed at finishing a goal and at those who are most likely to convert.

Shopping Ads: Shopping ads provide useful information about a company's products. Google Ads is used to create shopping campaigns, whereas Google Merchant Centre is used to offer information.

App Ads: Individuals might download an app right from the advertisement. It is used to promote an app and can help improve the number of downloads.

Local Service Ads: Local Service ads help a business be noticed in local searches by putting an ad in front of a local user who is looking for the services they require.

Advertisers who use PPC ads participate in an auction for the desired keywords. Advertisers compete in an auction to acquire the highest position on the paid results by bidding on relevant, industry-related keywords. The bidding price, ad relevancy, and landing page are all frequent elements that influence the ad's SERP ranking. The better adjusted these factors are, the higher the ranking in the paid results.

PPC advertising has the highest ROI of any online marketing tactic when done correctly. Its popularity stems from its effectiveness. PPC tactics are almost always used for immediate growth because they are highly targeted and allow a business to reach its target audience quickly.

For paid advertisement, you should hire a PPC agency. As PPC is budgeted and the money spent should be well utilized, you should hire a professional PPC agency because of their expertise. To increase ROI, it's necessary to get help from experts. As these agencies have handled campaigns for a wide range of clients, they understand the industrial scenario and can provide personalized solutions on a decided budget.

PPC firms can range in price from $250 to $5000 per month. Furthermore, many PPC businesses charge by the amount of ad money spent. Most businesses can charge somewhere between 15% and 30% of the entire price. Depending on their PPC pricing structure, some charge monthly while others accept a one-time total payment.

We charge for everyday campaign operations like bid management, landing page optimization, ad creation, etc. with our management fee.

A reasonable monthly budget can range from $1000-$1500. Any budget between $10 and $50 per day is an excellent place to start. Continue to monitor your campaigns and alter your bid as necessary.

Professional PPC marketing services provide several advantages, including:
• You get professional tools to guide your campaigns.
• You gain access to industry specialists that are familiar with PPC (Pay Per Click) and can handle the campaign regularly.
• Their professional techniques can supply you with immediate results.

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