EZ Pay on Performance packages by EZ Rankings IT Services are a great way to avoid risk & secure your investment while marketing yourself.

Just pay an initial small amount to set up your account & pay the rest upon results.

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Ideal for Low Competitive Terms Medium Competitive Terms High Competitive Terms
Fee Per Keyword      
Ideal for Low Competitive Terms Medium Competitive Terms High Competitive Terms
One Time Set-up USD 50 USD 75 USD 150
Rank between 1 to 5 positions (Page 1) USD 100 USD 200 USD 400
Rank between 6 to 10 positions (Page 1) USD 50 USD 100 USD 200
Rank between 11 to 15 positions (Page 2) USD 25 USD 50 USD 100
Rank between 16 to 20 positions (Page 2) USD 15 USD 25 USD 50

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Terms & Conditions of EZ Pay for Performance SEO Plans:

  • To Sign up for this plan, you would need to start with at least 5 Keywords with a maximum of 100 Keywords.
  • The ideal time for delivery of top 5, 10, 15 and 20 rankings is between 3-10 months and an increase in view of the competition of targeted keywords.
  • There is no monthly fee when keywords are not found in top 1-20 positions of Google!
  • Rankings measured for Google only.
  • The one-time setup fees per keyword are non-refundable.
  • All above SEO plans are based on ethical SEO techniques as per Google's SEO

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