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Local SEO services help businesses boost their authority in their regional area and generate more sales compared to businesses not doing local SEO. To expand business among local customers, companies need to be more visible for relevant search queries and that's where SEO comes into execution.

To boost business, EZ Rankings offers custom SEO services to make sure the company attracts more customers, sales, and authority on Google and other search engines. Our flexible local SEO packages cover all important aspects of local optimization that you will need to scale the services. We have made our local SEO packages affordable.

Along with improving the online traffic, local SEO services also help boost more visibility on Google Maps so that more customers can search and reach your business. Affordable Local SEO boosts your brand reputation and even if you are new to the online domain, it helps you stand apart from the rest and make more sales.

Local SEO Services Company

Local SEO Services – What & How?

Local SEO service is the future of companies doing business locally because of the surge in the demand for quick services. From improving Google My Business rating to boosting local traffic to your website, our local strategies cover everything that keeps your business ahead of the curve.

When your business is optimized for local keywords, products, and locations, it becomes much easier for customers to reach you and make a transaction. Local SEO services Company begin with optimizing a website's content with local keywords, listing it on multiple business directories, creating compelling content, and keeping the NAP details (Name, Address, Phone) accurate at all locations.

Once all these things are correct, search engines start ranking the website and you gain more traction from potential buyers. Whether you are into a complete offline business, or you plan to sell products locally using your website, our strategies ensure everything is on the track.

How Much Does the Top Local SEO Company Charge?

EZ Rankings, one of the leading SEO Company offers highly flexible and affordable Local SEO packages that are future-focused, performance-driven, and reliable to your business. Many companies charge thousands of dollars for optimizing a website or a business for local traction. But to help maximum business owners, EZ Rankings offers you all the premium services at an affordable cost of as minimum as $160/month.

When you opt for a professional Local SEO package, you don't need to worry about managing anything. Our professionals will take care of every aspect and help you grow the business operations seamlessly. Whatever package you pick, our team delivers timely progress status reports of the SEO so that you can explore how your business is growing online.

Rather than hiring in-house resources for performing local SEO, it's more convenient, affordable, and smart to go for the complete SEO packages. You get access to the talented professionals from the best Local SEO Company that help you boost your local performance in a shorter turnaround.

Our Local SEO Services Included:-

  • Business Visions & Auditing
  • Website Optimization
  • Location-Based Page Analysis
  • GMB Page Optimization
  • Local Citations and Listings
  • Link Building

Business Visions & Auditing

Auditing and listing the business under the right category is the first important step that we take for your company. We audit your business vision and carefully perform keyword research for it. Once your business is well audited, optimized, and keywords and listed, it starts driving relevant traffic to your business. We carry out all the necessary audits including NAP optimization, images, links, review, and others. Once you sign up our plan, we take care of everything that matters to you the most. After this, it becomes easier for your potential customers to find your business on Google Maps.

Website Optimization

For ranking on top of the local results and in general listings also, an optimized website is a must-have. We conduct a comprehensive website optimization audit in which we fix all important aspects. Right from meta tags to website content, contact information, and images; our team boosts your website's performance by performing the needful changes. Website optimization also helps you drive more results from other search engines apart from Google. With ever-evolving Google and other search engines' guidelines, it becomes pivotal to keep your website up to date and we have got you covered here. We make sure you are always found by your visitors on targeted keywords.

Location-Based Page Analysis

Local SEO is slightly different from the conventional practices and page based SEO plays a major role in business success. We analyze your landing pages, contact us page, and other business-targeted pages to ensure a superior customer experience. If your website is missing a local business page, our team adds that specific page to make sure you lead generation opportunities to grow exponentially. An average user bounces off from a business web page if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. To cater to this challenge, we optimize your page with industry standards to offer a better customer experience to your visitors.

GMB Page Optimization

Just like your main website page, optimizing the Google My Business page is equally important. Being a top local SEO company, we ensure your GMB page drives equal business opportunities like your main website's landing page. With positive reviews, the right business information, and completing important citations, your business is all set to drive more customers and sales.

From managing categories and subcategories of your business to listing correct timings and writing an SEO-friendly business description, we have got you covered. With a fully optimized GMB page, your business gets more views and contact leads who are highly interested in giving business to you.

Local Citations and Listings

Citations are important as they help search engines check the existence, legitimacy, and integrity of your business. If the same business data appear over many relevant and high DA websites, then Google likely has improved confidence that your company is genuine, functional, and customers trust it. We help your business get listed on important business directories and get high-quality local citations.

Our Local SEO plan covers all-important local citations and listings so you won't miss out on any business opportunity. Having strong citations and genuine listings helps your business to be found by visitors outside Google also and this is the biggest advantage for you.

Link Building

Be it traditional SEO or local search engine optimization, link building still remains relevant, and a top priority among the marketers. Our team helps your business in strengthening your backlink profile with high DA links and review listings. Leveraging white hat SEO tactics and industry practices, we drive quality traffic from multiple trusted sources. Backlinks act as a quality factor for your site and we ensure to get high-quality leads to drive high traffic. We work in collaboration with many partner websites that offer relevant link building opportunities for your business. Our team practices the best methods and techniques to improve your link profile.

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What Does Local SEO Company Do For Your Business?

Local SEO connects the right customers that are searching for services or products that you sell. With right keywords optimization, you can grow your customer base and revenue by making it easier for your potential buyers to reach you. It helps in generating local leads, traffic and it also aids in boosting brand authority among locals.

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EZ Rankings - Top local SEO company, helps you grow local visibility in an organic way that can drive higher targeted traffic leveraging advanced optimization techniques. With a local SEO, the potential buyers are more likely to buy from you as it establishes you as an authority in the local domain. With genuine customer reviews and ratings, you are ranked higher when someone searches for services that you offer.

Local SEO grows your visibility in your particular area and hence generates higher leads for your business. Your listing on Google and other search engines act as an on the go visiting card that helps you gain more local buyers.

When your local listing ranks on search engines, visitors can directly visit your website by clicking from the listing. It helps you generate more targeted website traffic which is more interested in buying your services or products. This increased traffic from local listings is highly targeted traffic that can generate more revenue in less effort.

At EZ Rankings, our team optimized your business over multiple listings so that you never miss a potential customer and get a higher conversion rate and traffic. Even if you have company branches, Google local SEO can do wonders in driving more traffic by ranking it on top of the search results.

Enhance visibility on Google Map by optimizing your listing and adding all the relevant information. The first thing is you need to claim your listing so that you can manage reviews, pictures, and more. The more relevant information visitors will have, the more push you will get from Google's algorithms. We help you boost visibility on Google Maps by optimizing important aspects including NAP (Name, Address, Phone), business description, and more. Build a local reputation on Google Maps with an optimized GMB profile. Need to know more about improving Google Maps visibility? Contact the EZ Ranking -Best local SEO company in India and get started.

Brand reputation is built over a period of time and it requires your constant involvement. Maintaining positive reviews on your Google My Business profile is crucial for staying relevant in the business. We at EZ Rankings Our online reputation management services ensure you always thrive online.

We ensure that all the negative reviews are being carefully investigated and resolved. We are committed to offering a better experience to your customers with appropriate brand reputation and optimization. Positive reviews create a sudden impact on the buying behavior of customers and the chances are that they will visit or even buy your products or services.

Benefits of Choosing Affordable Local SEO from us

There are plenty of benefits that you would be able to enjoy when it comes to using best local SEO services. Not only will you come upon the searches of people who are looking for immediate access to services, but you can also enjoy higher rankings on the search results. Some of the benefits that you need to know about include the following:

Increase Online Visibility

Online Visibility

If you get local search engine optimization for your company, then the individuals are more likely to see your site. This means that your site would be passed around and you would be more visible online to others. This can be done through Google or other social media platforms.

Targeted Website Traffic

Website Traffic

One thing that you would be able to do using best local SEO services is to have the traffic for your website targeted to specific areas. If you have offices in different locations, then make sure to use those areas in your keywords so that you will come up in the search results when they are searched for.

Local Lead Generation

Lead Generation

There are plenty of ways that you can generate some leads for your company, including the use of various types of ads like scrolling, timed, click and more. You should make sure that if you are interested in generating more leads for the local area then you get the experts to help you.

Local Reputation


Every company needs to have a good reputation. When you undertake local search engine optimization you can get reviews to your page, especially if you use Google, so that the potential clients can see what your previous clients have said. If you don’t have a good reputation nobody is going to hire you.

Targeted Geographic Campaigns

Targeted Geographic

Starting a campaign for a local area? you would need a strategy. You can update your locations based keywords, which helps to bring customers.

Found on Google Map

Found on
Google Map

Everyone need to list their business on Google Map. Ensure that you add your company there along with correct NAP.


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Get Listed on Google Local Package

Get Listed on Google Local 3 Packs in 5 Easy Steps:

Google's Local 3 Packs update is a boon for customers who are seeking a relevant business listing for their searches. Optimizing your business for Google map or Google local 3 packs is an excellent opportunity to drive more sales and customers to your business website. Following are the ways by which you can get listed and ranked easily.

  • Choosing the correct category
  • Complete profile and claim it
  • Audit your information
  • A little promotion helps
  • Keep optimizing it

Choosing the correct category

The first thing while you need to keep in mind is listing your business under the right category. Many people lose significant traffic by ticking on the irrelevant category. Make sure you are selecting the right category and subcategory.

Complete profile and claim it

Once you register under the correct category, you need to claim and verify your listing from Google. Once you claim, you can manage your listings, reviews, images, and more for your company. If you run multiple offices, it is important that all the locations are claimed by you. It helps in getting a high ranking and generating more trust among the visitors.

Audit your information

For getting into Google Local 3 packs, the search bots seek correct information that is consistent across all your platforms. Cross-check your NAP consistency (Name, Address, Phone) are correct and are working for customers. If you are having duplicate listings, you have to remove them or marked them closed for improving relevance.

A little promotion helps

Promotion can be done in numerous ways and when customers help you in this, there is nothing better than this. Ask your customers to add positive reviews or pictures for your listing. The more 5-star review you get, your chances for appearing on a 3-pack listing increase.

Keep optimizing it

The part is to keep optimizing your listing whenever you make any changes in your business. If you are changing business timings or address, make sure you are updating it on your GMB profile. This ensures you are not losing customers due to this.

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Optimize, scale, and grow with EZ Rankings and thrive online. We help you boost your online visibility and generate more customers through the right practices. We are one of the best local SEO Company in India that has been delivering consistent growth results for the past decade. Want to know more about how these practices will benefit your business? Get in touch with our team and we would be happier to walk you through. With ever growing competition, the right time to get started with Local SEO is now and we are all set to get you going. Contact EZ Rankings now and start growing.


Local SEO plays a crucial role in getting that phone ringing. If your business is locally present then local SEO can help you get the local presence & traffic. More traffic will mean more enquiries & more enquiries will mean more business.

No, Local SEO Plans can't be customized as these have been designed to achieve top positions in Google Listings along with Search Results. If EZ Rankings customize these then we might have to compromise with % of guarantee promised.

No! We at EZ Rankings do not offer any minimum contract. We firmly believe that one should be free to continue with promotional activities without any obligations. However, the suggested time frame is between 6 month to 12 months depending upon the competition of keywords & industries targeted.

2 months! At EZ Rankings, You can expect to see positive movements from the 3rd month onwards.

Yes, every plan comes with guarantees. The higher the plan we opt for, more is % of guarantee. Please refer to the packages section for more details.

One plan targets only 1 location. However, you can consider bigger plans & divide the deliverables over different locations.

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