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Search Engine Optimization or as you prefer calling it, SEO, is a game changer but only when in you are in the hands of the right optimizing company. Because when you choose the right Dallas SEO services your venture gets increased traffic, creates more trust and generates more customers. Feeling skeptical about Texas SEO? A brief check on some SEO facts and factoids might break the shell and show you some eye bottling potential of search engine optimization. 

Do you know that around 67k searches are being made every second on the largest search engine platform i.e. on Google? Now imagine a certain percentage of those searches when lands in to your organically optimized website, the customer credibility and outreach you can create. Enticed? Then why wait more, let EZ Rankings - Dallas SEO Company, pave the way for you.
Thinking you can adjust without SEO? Well as per some reports 39% of all e-commerce based searches begin with a search engine. So ignore search engine and you ignore potential traffic
Well if you must know nearly 80% of users tend to ignore the paid ads and opt for organic results. So it is important to always find correct keywords and go organic.

Our Dallas SEO Services Include?

After spending years in optimizing arena, we know the SEO stats correctly and thus we have come up with 100% organic optimization with no cookie-cutter approaches. If you think SEO optimization is just inserting few words and you are done, then let us break your myth. SEO optimization is a comprehensive take on a number of services together all of when synchronized perfectly you get your reward. Here’s is a sneak peek on the entourage of services we offer: 
  • Website audit: A report in 2015, showed that Google as a search engine accounts for 90% of global traffic. It was also shown in reports that in the first page of the SERPs, the first five results gets the hit in 67.5% cases. Website auditing thus comes as the first step. It is a standard procedure which gives us a detailed analysis on how well your website is performing. A complete quants check is done and as a result it helps our tech gurus to determine the kind of optimization you need.
  • Keyword research: Keywords in a nutshell are singular words or complex phrases that are strategically placed within a website for catering traffics in a purely organic manner. As per global statistics there are 4 different types of keywords people generally search for which are informational, navigational, transactional, or commercial.Keywords research is a very essential aspect of SEO. Because all your online business success depends on keywords selection. Wrong Keywords selecting can impact your visibility and you may not reach to right set of customers. Selecting right keywords that represent your business is always critical. Once the campaign comes on board, we analyze the business industry and then suggest suitable keywords to you. We suggest combination of High, Medium, Low competition Keywords.
  • Competitors analysis: Competition analysis is all about figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors in the niche industry. Based on your business niche we find out 2-3 competitors and perform a competitive analysis report by which we evaluate the competitor's websites like what keywords they are targeting, By which source they are getting the most of the traffic and more.

    The competition for keywords is so high that reports show up to 1000 competitors in the top 20 search results have at least one keyword in their search list. With our advanced market analytics tools, we run complete legal search on your competitors’ websites, their trends and leverage your hits.
  • Technical SEO: Nowdays its isn’t just an option anymore, it is more like a necessity. The three pillars for a good technical SEO are performance, crawling ability, and indexation and when all are coded and placed in a perfect manner you get the best of optimized results. Now as the quants state search engine drives 300% more traffic than any other platform. 

    Our tech savvy pundits teams up as your Dallas SEO company peer and detects the nits and grits of all technical bytes with well researched analytics from market tools, surveys and researches presenting you the most technically sound optimized strategy.
  • Quality link building: If you believed that quality link building has been dead for years check out what Google said in a report. As per reports by Google, they confirmed that to claim that number #1 spot, you need to have back links. 
However don’t forget post 2012, after the changes in Google algorithm, adding something from this and something from that won’t get you optimized rather will mark you spam. But don’t worry as we know the next generation of back links. By implementing techniques like state of the art backlink tools, reciprocal linking, article marketing and guest postings, web directory links, and relevancies, you can make your website optimized. 

Why Choose Us as your Dallas SEO company?

  • Three E’s: experience, excellence, expertise

    What makes us your Dallas SEO company is our three E’s which are experience excellence and expertise. Our decades of experience in SEO arena with handpicked tech pundits and excellence as the only benchmark for performance comes together to give you the best of optimization

A bond beyond

Don’t think once optimized we let go. SEO services isn’t a onetime thing. It’s rather a continuous cumulative pathway. We partner up with you covering and catering the best of optimization tools and strategies even after initial deployment. Get in touch with Dallas SEO company for Organic SEO services!


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Local SEO Packages Startup Growth Booster
Keywords 5 10 20
Keywords Top 10 Guarantee(%)* 20% 25% 30%
Global Seo Packages Startup Growth Premium High Volume
Keywords Plan Upto 15 Upto 25 Upto 40 Upto 70
Keywords Top 10 Guarantee(%)* 20% 25% 30% 35%
Ecommerce Seo Packages Nano Enterprise Blast Mega
Keywords Plan Upto 30 Upto 50 Upto 100 Upto 200
Keywords Top 10 Guarantee(%)* 25% 30% 35% 45%

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As the name depicts, SEO Company offers SEO. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. It's a technique that involves several elements like: On Page, Off Page, Content, Data Analytics, UI & UX etc. If done correctly, SEO can help your website rank higher on Search Engines like Google & help you get lots of traffic & sales. This is one prime reason behind getting a website build & gradually get the website optimised to bring in more sales / enquiries.

Choosing the right SEO Company plays a crucial role in the success of your Organic Digital Branding. Hence, some time should be invested before making the decision. There are several elements on which you can score the shortlisted SEO Companies & then make a choice from the list. Most of customers try & identify the right company on the basis of Cost, Experience, Team Size, Reviews, Market Reputations & First impression when they talk to someone at the shortlisted SEO Company. So, please do your research before you choose the right SEO Company.

This can change from one company to another. Some SEO Companies do offer 360 degree Digital Solutions & SEO is just ONE of the service they offer while there can be some that ONLY offer SEO services. If we look at activities under SEO then usually most the SEO Companies do work around On Page, Off Page, Content Syndication etc. The factor that differentiates one SEO Company from another is QUALITY & Other Add Ons activities. SEO Companies that invest in Quality Content & High DA/ DR links, tend to charge higher compared to others that offer average quality.

On Page & Off Page are two very important aspects of SEO. To simplify, On Page SEO refers to changes that are done directly on the website. Example: Meta Tag Optimization, H1 Tags, Anchor Tags, Inter Linking, Content Optimization etc. While Off Page SEO refers to activities that are performed on other websites in order to bring in benefits for the given website. Example: Guest Blogging, Link Syndication, Content Syndication, Classified Submissions, Product Submissions etc.

Absolutely!They work & that is why you end up seeing few websites in Top positions out of million other websites. SEO is the next step after the brand gets the website designed. In fact, there is no point of getting a website designed if you don’t intend to get SEO done because otherwise How your potential audience find you? So, Yes, SEO works & so do SEO Companies. You can measure this by measuring improvements in Rankings, Traffic & overall Conversions they bring on the campaign.

Yes, we do! There are 2 ways of looking at it. Some people claim that no-one can guarantee rankings but the fact is rankings play a crucial role in determining the success of SEO. Why would any business invest in SEO if the ROI is not promised? We guarantee rankings based on our experience of working on several different industries & domains. The timeline can differ as it’s dependent on keyword competition, domain age, current situation etc but Page 1 ranking is what we Guarantee.

SEO Plans are generally differentiated on the basis of number of keywords, types of activities & quantities of activities. These factors do play a major role in increasing or decreasing monthly SEO fees. So, if you are a part of Highly Competitive industry then packages with lots of activities / E-commerce packages are advisable but if you are a niche / local business then local SEO packages are advisable.

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