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Australian National Airline College



Project Overview

Before partnering with EZ Rankings, Australian National Airline College attempted to create an online presence in the Australian market, as an old education brand name they require a SEO marketing firms to promote their schools and want more students to join their training programs. However, the results did not meet expectations.

As a flying school business, Australian National Airline College required the right combination of marketing knowledge and digital experience to improve its SEO organic rankings as well as wants more students to join their programs. EZ Rankings analyze the whole requirement and stepped out the marketing action plan to meet client objectives.

Australian National Airline College - SEO Client
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Organic Presence

The biggest problem was competing with organic positioning on Google USA, as the website was based in Australia for keywords like - Flying Lessons Australia, Best Flying School In Australia.

Australian National Airline College - SEO Client

Quality Traffic

Traffic & in-fact quality traffic was the 2nd major problem when we took over the work. Bounce rates, Page Speed, Avg. session duration are the other associated areas where they want to improve the website.

SEO-Friendly Website

Responsive design was one of the vital components of driving success for the business. The website was not SEO friendly, so we needed to start work on the website from scratch.

Our Solutions

  • Resolved all SEO technical aspects to make the website responsive starting with Website Structure, Page Speed with series of SEO auditing & updated sitemap structure.
  • Created HIGH quality & niche backlinks to gain the organic positions in Google USA
  • Removed Duplicate Content by adding Fresh high quality content

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