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Art’Com Sup

Art’Com Sup is the first private higher education establishment in Morocco with more than 30 years of existence.

Art’Com Sup - SEO Client

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Art’Com Sup



Project Overview

Before partnering with EZ Rankings, Art’Com Sup attempted to improve their online presence through Digital marketing in the Morocco market, as reputed marketing firms to promote their local services, so they can generate more sales. However, the results did not meet expectations.

Art'Com Sup required the right combination of marketing knowledge and internet marketing experience to improve its sales in the Morocco market. EZ Rankings stepped with the SEO marketing proposal to promote their local based SCHOOLS.

Art’Com Sup - SEO Client
Our Recent Results

Traffic Improvement

We have improved 48% website traffic as compare to initial and also reduce 25% bounce rate of the website!

Art’Com Sup - SEO Client

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