Top 5 WordPress Plug-In We Must Use in 2017

| January 5th, 2017 | 1268 Views


The functionality of wordpress is increased manifold by plug-in. New features can also be added to WordPress websites with plug-in. Most of the plug-in are available absolutely free of cost. It is important to be very cautious about choosing an appropriate plug-in. Many plug-in help in increasing the performance of the server by a reduction in download time. This enhances the site performance. It leads to improvement in site ranking in search engines. Let us explore some of the trending WordPress plug-in.


The Disqus system enables you to display comments on demand just by button clicking. It is an interactive tool for web discussions. It is emerging as a popular commenting system. There are many options to control the comments. It is simple and quick even for non-technical people. With the help of disqus analytics; you can build your community. Then you can analyze the community. You can get a feel of the top commentators. You can also see the reactions drawn by the contents. So disqus offers an effective way to build the audience for the owners of the site and earn revenue.


You can display social media icons with this plugin. They can be displayed anywhere on the website. Appearance wise it is beautiful. It is a social sharing tool. To the left of your posts, the share bar is placed. Even when you go down to the bottom of the page the share bar is visible.  The interface is not disrupted much because it lies on the side. Configuration of this plugin is easy. Many popular social sharing sites can be added with this plugin. It is easier to navigate. It provides support for print services.

W3 Total Cache

This plugin compresses the JavaScript and CSS files. This improves the website’s performance by reducing download time. On disk or in memory caching of objects is possible. It is also possible to cache fragments in memory. The page load time is reduced and visitor time is increased with this plugin. Every aspect of your site is cached. CDN integration is possible. The experience of the user can be considerably improved without having to change the WordPress theme.

Quick Adsense

This is one of the easy ways for earning money from your website. The ads are displayed next to your site content. Many bloggers use Quick Adsense for making some profit. With this plugin targeted ads can be displayed. By using Adsense keywords in your site you can control. This is one of the best ways to increase profitability from Google Adsense. You can insert Adsense ads on your online site even by having a little knowledge of coding. It is easy to set upfrom the admin panel because its setting page is simple. The options can be customized as per your requirement. The ads can be placed randomly on your page. This plugin is available free of cost. You do not have to share revenue reward with the plugin authors. It is very simple to configure.


Jetpack installs just as other plugins do. Once the plugin is activated it creates a dashboard. It also creates its own menu at the top most right. It also tells you how many visitors are there. Many bloggers use this plugin to get maximum benefits. Infinite scrolls, spelling checker and grammar checker are some of the features in this plugin. This plugin protects unauthorized logins in your website. Jetpack monitors your website and helps in updating your plugins. Jetpack also helps in accelerating image content. The Site Stats in Jetpack helps in providing a lot of information in one shot. Jetpack makes the process of people subscribing to blogs easy.

You can install plugins from the admin area if you are an administrator of the site. You can uninstall plugins in the same way. An FTP client can be used for installing manually. Though most plugins are provided free of cost, you should check their quality. Some of them are better quality than others. Others may be performing almost anything. Bad plugins will slow down the performance of your site. So choose a plug in that meets your requirements. You can search the WordPress plugin directory and frame the results based on the popularity and rating.