SEO Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

| December 1st, 2016 | 1063 Views


Search Engine Optimization is the process of staying ahead of your rivals in the online mode of marketing and business. Your site must get a good ranking during the search process through suitable search engines on the Internet. This will enhance the visibility of your site. More and more people will tend to access your site. This would result in better business dealings and transactions. There are certain trends that are likely to be rampant in the coming year. Have a look at these inclinations.

Increase of AMPs

There will be a rise in the use of the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). These are extremely helpful for web designers. They help the opening of web pages instantly on the mobile phones. Some structural changes are needed to be made. This can hasten up the process of the web page loading by up to 4 times than before. Data usage will also be significantly lower.  The sites which are using the AMP technology have greater visibility on Google. A special icon is displayed against those web pages. They can be easily identified as the sites with AMP.

Packed or Dense Content

Whenever you search the web on a certain topic, you can find a sea of matter. Many of them have content that is pumped up and with the too much-expanded matter. Most of the times it is the repetition of the same points over and over again. This reduces the appeal of these sites. People tend to overlook such sites. What is required is to cut down on the unnecessary matter and be crisp on the information. The newer trends are likely to focus on adding dense content to the relevant matter.

Learning through the Machines

There is a trend of shifting to machine learning. New algorithms are prepared for machine learning. These are excellent automated ways of learning. They act as the tutorials. The sites will be packed with the instructions that are needed to be followed to learn certain concepts. This will be useful for the purposes of data interpretation. There is a possibility that the contents in SEO technology will follow this algorithm.

Increase of Personal Branding-

The use of personal branding has been relatively lower. But, in the coming times, there is a large probability in the increase of personal branding in the sites. These have great effects in the form of guest posts. They are instrumental in building up the trusts of the users. They will be more successful in channelizing greater amount of web traffic to your site. There is a high chance that many organizations will start the use of personal branding to get a better business outcome. This will lead to a greater competition on the business front. The strategy has to be prepared accordingly.

Increased Implementation of UEO

The enhancement of UEO (User Experience Optimization) is clearly evident with the things like AMPs getting better visibility. The experience of the users is a factor for SEO. This trend is likely to increase in the coming year. Top search engines are giving preferences to sites that offer better user experiences. This can be understood from the time taken for loading of the sites. Also, the average time spent by users on the page is an indication. The pages that render better experiences on the gadgets like mobiles and tablets are likely to score higher than those are better compatible with the computer sets.

The SEO trends are as per the demands of people and technology. The above-mentioned areas will be the major areas to look out for in the coming year.