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September 2, 2017
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September 7, 2017

8 Reasons You’re Not Getting Any Website Traffic (And How To Fix It)

It is very tough to make out as to what went wrong as far as getting traffic is concerned. You always feel you have everything right that has been done yet the output is zero. It can be that you may be two or a tweak away from the floodgates being opened however the question persists as to why you have poor website traffic. Fortunately, some of the reasons and secrets have been decoded that will not only help you detect it but also solve it. In the following points, you shall be introduced to the legitimate possibilities for the underperformance of your website and ways to get them fixed.

1. Non-Existent Social Media

Since it is a social web the very first thing is to interact socially hence all Best SEO Services India will help you achieve that. Social sharing must be completely absent for your content, and this is why you are missing out on the viral and vast potential of the internet.


Share the web content multiple times on every social media platforms. You can also add buttons to share beneath every article or blogs.

2. Not Much Focus On Particular Keyword

Most people are aware of the title tags and keywords, and even if they are not any of the Best SEO Services in India will help them comprehend it. One of the shortcomings is optimizing the keywords that result in little traffic.


Do not stuff articles with too many keywords and if at all research well and use long tail keywords.

3. Blog Design Not Appropriate

User experience another issue which is the design of the blogs. The Best SEO Services in India will help you with making the design engaging. The function feels and looks of the blog on your website can affect the traffic.


Make the site responsive enough and use tools to make more mobile-friendly to access it. Featuring blog snippets also helps along with breaking up content and using short paragraphs.

4. Low Quality of The Content

Any of the Best SEO Services India will harp upon making the website content trustworthy and authoritative. Content that has low quality gets low gradations.


Improving the quality of the contents helps. If the quality is high, the ranks will also increase the levels of traffic.

5. Backlink Profile

Not trying to build backlinks will affect the internet traffic for sure. Not having excellent quality links that direct browsers towards websites are one of the reasons.


Get started by commenting on the blogs where you scroll down and leave a fruitful comment.

6. Absence of Click Worthy Headlines

If the headlines are not catchy, then there are chances that they won’t have clicked on them. It does not matter how beautiful the web content is if there are no clicks there are no views.


Use the formulas for headlines where there is the addition of number, adjective, promise, and keyword.

7. Not a User-Friendly Website

If the site is not user-friendly, then there shall be no visits to your site despite having great content, and this involves the loading time.


Improve the loading time of the site because a long time for loading often makes users press the back button.

8. Weak SEO Game

Getting your web content in the top ten results of the first page is a tough task. Various others factors affect it, and that includes non-installation of SEO plugins and others.


Configuring and installing a plugin for SEO and setting up XML sitemap.

No More Fizzling Out From The Internet World

If you do not want to make, your website blogs to die and fizzle out making little improvements can be a life savior for you. The reasons for not being able to generate any traffic are simple but so are the solutions. Thankfully with the right reasons and the solutions you can set your record straight. There is a thing that you must keep in mind, and that is that traffic may initially be slow however no marketing is a sprint. Content marketing is, in fact, more synonymous with a marathon. Do not be dismayed if the rates don’t spike within a jiffy. Patience is the key where you need to give it some time to improve.

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