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5 Approaches to Prevent Your Website from Losing Traffic

| November 17th, 2016 | 713 Views


Online marketing aims to keep the visitor engage with the products and services without having any adverse effect on website traffic.

The additional time somebody spends on a website, the better are the probability of getting conversions. In any case, to meet this end, it requires that sites ought to be instinctive, interactive and visually engaging. In the majority of cases, the landing page of the website decides the action on part of the visitor.

If you are an advertiser, you should keep the distractions to the insignificant but give all the data in a fun, simple and engaging way.

As indicated by the Content Marketing Institute says that in 2016:

“73% of content creators prioritize on content engagement while 55% prioritize on visual content. Still if you are losing traffic drastically.”

Here are some causes of website traffic loss:

  • Drastically decreasing the quantity of pages in the website
  • Reducing the amount of content on the site, substituting it with images
  • Increased page load times
  • Working on existing domain rather than a staging server
  • Changing site navigation– losing text aspect of menus or increasing the number of pages the homepage links to
  • Changing site structure and URL structure without redirects
  • Losing pages that many other websites link to
  • If using a meta robots noindex nofollow code during redesign on staging server and forget to remove it at launch
  • No sitemap.xml file– it may or may not hurt
  • Changing domain without telling Google

Thus after considering all the above points the mandate is clear: you have to generate a well defined web if you want to gain maximum response from the users. Doing this is not a difficult part, just follow a few things that remain relevant to your persona and web presence.

Here you get them whole in 5 approaches to prevent your website from losing traffic!

Avoiding the Clutter

It’s factual that visitors arrive to a website searching for information. Though, a lot of it can be a disadvantage too. As an endeavoring advertiser, you make a balance among content and breathing space. A lot relies on upon the design of your page. The visitor should be contented in moving across the different aspects of the product/service. When you do well in creating enough attention, the visitors will consequently search for more product details and can then be redirected to a more content intensive page.

The Quality of Content

One of the most important aspects of winning the trust of a customer is the quality of your website. Nobody might want to buy products/services from a seller who has got his basic grammar incorrect. If you are not having the ability to create a perfect content, it truly doesn’t help what products and services you have been able to come up with. Quality acts as a validation and professionalism to a brand.

The Selection of Images

‘A picture can speak a thousand words’ yet there are a few things that have been missed in the statement, as far as online marketing is concerned. Most websites are in the practice of copying photographs, utilizing stock images and copy-pasting images from other different sources. In the expert times that we live in, this is not any more worthy. Quality also remains in the uniqueness of an image. You might need to spend in an experienced photographer to give your website a creative edge and offer something new to the visitors.

Removing Distracting Ads

Our visitors like advertising however they hate being enforced through an advertisement. If the ad strategy of your website is excessively interfering, it can contrarily affect the impression and lead to losing traffic. It is beneficial to evaluate how essential is visible ad revenues for your business. Still if you are running a blog and only depend on Ad-sense, a lot of it can be problematic. Quite a few businesses find it attractive to embed automatic video ads into pages or having a large banner on top of the page, however this is also the reason why you are missing out on a huge traffic. There’s no utilization of putting in excessively numerous pop-ups if you don’t even make it to the average traffic.

Detailed Business Information

One more general thing that numerous websites miss out on is putting in complete detailed business information. It is always recommended to show your business phone numbers, email addresses, and office locations to help customers connect effectively. This also adds trustworthiness to your business in which customers feel that they are working with a legitimate company and not just a random startup. The contact page ought to be complete with all approaches to connect and even have a map integrated. This page showcases that you are here to help and not just to sell!


By following these instructions, you will prevent your visitors on your website longer, convert them more viably and see a higher ROI. Integration of unique images, adding quality content, effective user friendly layout, etc will help you to prevent your website from losing traffic.

Give Me Some Feedback

How would you approach to prevent your website from losing traffic?

Do you have any definite techniques you recommend to prevent traffic? I’d love to hear from you.

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