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Top 5 Paid Advertising Predictions of 2017

| December 8th, 2016 | 705 Views

The Internet world has evolved in 2016 especially on paid advertising platforms and it continues to grow even bigger in next year – 2017. World’s leading paid advertising platforms – Google Adwords, Facebook product ads and Twitter has seen a great increase in their revenue in 2016 as the majority of business has moved to these platforms. Looking into trend paid advertising will surpass the other digital marketing mediums. Advertisers are introducing features to segregate the audience and market products or services based on the location, device, interests as well as demographics.

Today, I will be sharing some of the top predictions that will change the future of Paid advertising in 2017.

The rise of E-commerce: According to e-commerce experts, online sales will increase from $335 billion in 2015 to $523 billion in 2020, a rise of 9.32% per year, whereas the current annual growth rate is 14% which is quite interesting.

This defines as we approach closer to 2020 more number of retailers will be launching their website and starts promoting. This will obviously open doors for paid advertising agencies. On the other hand, Google and Facebook are quite aware of these trends and have already making maneuvers into their shopping dashboards.

Here are some of the new features introduced into Google Merchant Center:

  • New interface for Hotel and travel planning on mobile devices for better user interactions
  • Dynamic remarketing
  • An advanced Product Rating system
  • Merchant promotion with additional coupons highlights
  • Advanced Product feed with real-time updates
  • Download full report option with real-time error handling


Consumer Behavioral Targeting & Personalized Ads: This is one of the latest online consumers tracking ability, also termed as remarketing which will not be limited to just abandoned carts, display ads based on website visits(no. of days). Facebook and Google will be introducing ad features like personalized ads display and marketers could reach to their customers before the actual inquiry is being made. These techniques will be worked around storing browsing pattern and further cookies data storage system.


Mobile will be the KING of Ads: Mobile users growing at a rapid pace and so is the opportunity of displaying your ads on mobile devices. In 2017 mobile advertising will undoubtedly be the king of ads as compared to other device screens such as Desktops, Tablets, mini-laptops etc.. Mobile advertising gives marketers to know their customers more closely as it gives insights on locations, their shopping interest, frequent brands they are interested in. These will increase in demand for a richer measure of ROI and increase in cost per acquisition (CPA) and Cost per Installs (CPI) if we talk about app marketing.

Mobile Stats


Facebook Live Video Ads:  Facebook has already laid its stones in Video Ads and being displayed as sponsored videos or suggested videos once you finish up watching any of your friend’s video. It’s predicted that these videos will be introduced with LIVE product videos showcased in Facebook Live event videos. With an increase of hundreds of thousands of live events videos per day – there is a maximum possibility of an increase in engagement on the video streaming platform. And Facebook will be closely monitoring and monetizing that data with advertisers.

Chatbots: Consumer retention has always been the challenge for online business and hence Chatbots came into picture which has an ability to address real-time help to customers and is independent of time & support availability. It has been blended with messaging apps to interact with online customers but in 2017 there will be Chatbot revolution as many big brands such as Facebook, Google, Twitter has already started using chatbots.

Twitter has introduced bots for analytics and can provide information about your campaign performance.

Conclusion: Digital Marketing is an ever-changing industry where new innovative strategies come and go by but what’s important is to keep ourselves ahead of our competitors with the use of all trending techniques. I hope all have a clear idea of how paid advertising advance in next year which will help you create your promotion strategies.

You all are welcome to share your opinions and ask free to ask any questions you have in mind.

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