A Step By Step Guide to Redesigning a Website Without Affecting SEO

| July 26th, 2018

One of the things that most people wrongly believe is that once you have done SEO for your website that you don’t need to do it again. Well, th...

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Why Google Rebrands Adwords To Google Ads

| July 10th, 2018

Google launched Google AdWords 18 years back in the year 2000, as well as Google officially announced that AdWords will be simply Google Ads from...

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Instagram IGTV – How To Use New Instagram Button

| June 29th, 2018

Instagram is one of the most used social networking site launched in 2010. It is a global community having one billion active users. It has recen...

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Brand Building

Why You Need To Realign Your SEO Efforts and Focus on Brand Building

| June 27th, 2018

Your SEO efforts will probably not bring you the expected results if you don’t understand and acknowledge the fact that Google grants a prefere...

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voice search

Guide to Optimization of Voice Search

| June 19th, 2018

There has been a gradual development in the evolution process of the search engines over the decades. These updates, especially updates from Goog...

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Page Speed Insight

Why does Page Speed Insights use FCP and DCL and How to Improve It?

| June 7th, 2018

There is no doubt that page speed is very important when you have a website. A fast site helps you rank higher in search results, thrives traffic...

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Top 10 Lists – Top Web Designing Companies 2018-2019

| June 1st, 2018

If you are looking for a company that can help you with designing your website for your business, then you should ensure that you are hiring the ...

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Similar Content

Multiple Sites on Same IP is Not an Issue, but Same Content Is

| May 31st, 2018

John Mueller from Google recently clarified that numerous sites using the same IP address isn’t an issue. He did say, however, if the content i...

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Local SEO Checklist

Local SEO Checklists: How To Boost Your Business Locally in 2018

| May 23rd, 2018

What is Local SEO? Local SEO is a productive means to advertise one’s business online. It aids businesses to foster their services and products...

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How Does Mobile-First Indexing Impact SEO in 2018?

| May 9th, 2018

Google, one of the most popular search engines continuously strive hard to make the web more mobile-friendly, and as part of this objective, the ...

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