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Multiple Sites on Same IP is Not an Issue, but Same Content Is

John Mueller from Google recently clarified that numerous sites using the same IP address isn’t an issue. He did say, however, if the content is similar on these pages, then it would become an issue. This topic was discussed during a hangout for webmasters and one person had voiced their concern regarding traffic declining. The traffic had been declining on an IP address that had multiple sites and they wanted to know the answer to this.

The webmaster had also said that not only were the sites on the same IP address but that they also had a similar structure and content. Mueller had explained to those participants that it isn’t the issue of one IP address having numerous sites, at least when it comes to Google. He did say that Google would look at these similar sites as a doorway collection of sites, which would be applicable if the pages are directing the users towards some of the same services or products.

He also said what Google would do in an instance like this, including displaying the content from just one of the many sites. He also said that if Google believes that the sites are considered “doorways” then it is possible that they could all be demoted. He finally recommended to the webmaster that he concentrate on creating more unique content instead of them being all placed on the one IP address. Mueller also said that having unique products and a unique site is more important than all of them being on the same IP address.

Check out below video to hear Mueller’s full response –

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