Mobile App Development Trends That’ll Continue to Rule in 2017

| May 27th, 2017 | 840 Views

So you want to develop apps for the mobile but not really sure about the latest trends? Well, there is no need to be confused at all; here are the latest trends in mobile apps that will dominate 2017.

New Age of Payment through Mobiles

In the recent years, we have witnessed numerous channels doing their bit for financial transactions. People are also using applications like FreeCharge and PayTM, these particular channels have gone down really well with the people. Various companies are now investing their resources in developing apps to facilitate the better financial transaction.

More Apps for Messaging

Over the years there has been a tremendous rise in the messaging apps like Facebook, Viber and WhatsApp. These mobile phone applications have certainly caught people’s attention in the recent times. This trend has become prevalent that as a user you will see much more messaging apps to hit the market.

Increase in Mobile Applications for Enterprises

It has been observed that companies have started to develop applications that facilitate good workplace optimization and employee engagement. So, in other words, these corporate applications have come as a blessing to the users. Companies that use such apps have experienced increased production. Both small and big companies have started to take an interest in these apps

People will Use More of Devices That Can Be Worn

People have started to show a lot of interest towards devices that can be worn and also are connected to the different applications. Some of these devices are fitness gadgets, health monitors and digital watches that are worn and are connected to the apps. It is predicted that variety of these devices will increase over the years.

Virtual Reality

Though initially this was just restricted to the entertainment industry, mobile app developers are now contemplating on introducing this technology into the mobile phone industry. This will be done to enhance the experience of using the various applications. The automobile industry, restaurant business, and retail outlets will use this technology through the mobile app development.

Applications for Security

Over the years we have witnessed how hackers have created complete chaos by manipulating technology. The developers are now creating apps that will add security to your mobile device. Most people also store their credit card details on the phone so these security apps are designed to protect such sensitive information. Experts have said that we will witness tremendous growth in the development of these apps.

More Attention will be given to UX

A lot of attention is being given to the design of the app and its interface. The developers are trying very hard to design the app in such a way so as to give the users a top-notch experience in using the app. The Apps that facilitate financial transactions are being given special attention to protecting information like credit card details.

The road ahead

2017 looks like a very good year for mobile apps and developers are literally undergoing sleepless nights in trying to incorporate new and updated features on the mobile apps. The area that is being given special attention is the security features as people tend to share financial details through apps. Also, web developers are trying to incorporate user-friendly features so that users can expect faster and smoother performance of the apps in every way.