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Video SEO – How to Optimize Video for Better Ranking on Google Search

| November 6th, 2019 | 1589 Views

Video SEO Optimization - Rank Your Video

You have gone through lots to material suggesting how to rank your website, decoding how the Google algorithm works and implemented those SEO suggestion on your website.

Have you ever thought of implementing SEO tactics on your video? It’s totally a different ball game?

Video SEO is a powerful way to ensure your videos reach potential customers. If you’ve spent time and money in these video but still they are not ranking up in search. You must be thinking why? Let us help you understand Video SEO Optimization.

What Is Video SEO Optimization?

Video SEO Optimization is all about optimizing your video to be ranked higher on search engine pages when someone searches with relevant keywords or set of keywords.

Video SEO is quite different as compared to regular SEO and has changed a lot in the last few years. It has become more popular among the marketers.

Not only that, with the improvement in smartphones features, it has gotten easier to produce a high-quality video without being video professional.

Tips to optimize Your Video for Better Ranking:

How to Optimize Video for Better Ranking on Google Search.

Always Choose the Right Video Hosting Platform

While choosing the platform to host your video, you’ll need to consider the reason why you are making that video and focus accordingly. The reason could be improving traffic to your website, generating new leads, brand awareness or earning money from the video. YouTube, Vimeo are some of the best platforms to host.

Video SEO Review & Analysis

This plays an important role when trying to rank your website on Google search. A robust review and analysis on how it is performing may help you to identify what needed to be changed to optimize it better.

Video Keyword Research

First of all you should perform keyword research before making videos. In-Depth keywords research of your video always help you to get legitimate and regular visitors for it. Keywords like how-to reviews, tutorials, and anything that’s funny or related gonna generate more views, likes and comments. Initially you can start with the low-competitive keywords that can rank easily and drive high-quality traffic to your videos.


Source – Quora

Video Title Optimization

Since people notice video titles first, make sure it should be attractive and relevant to video and tell the viewer about the video. Try to place your primary keywords in the title. An attractive & informative title not only helps the google bots to crawl your video but also improves the overall ranking of your video. Adding/Publishing your video on an optimized page is equally important as it will get more clicks on your video.

Video Description Optimization

While you are writing a video description, you need to ensure it must describe what the video is all about. An engaging description attract the customer to your video and make you video more popular. Add your primary keywords in description but don’t over do it. It will be good to keep the length of the description more than 250 words.

Add appropriate tags to your video

Adding proper tags will also help in your video ranking. When users perform a search query related to your tags in a search engine to look for video content, tagging your video allows it to become more visible in search results.

Add a Video Transcript

Transcript not only help you get a large number of visitors but also works as a page copy of what message you want to deliver to your audience. Not everyone in the world understands your accent but they can certainly read the transcript even though if it is not in some universal language like English. The transcript also helps search bots to scrap your video because of additional text available.

Make Thumbnail Image Engaging

Thumbnail image is another important aspect of increasing video view, likes, comment and more. Thumbnails image give people a glimpse or snapshot of your videos. So it is essential to keep your thumbnail image high quality, compelling, beautiful, engaging and most importantly relevant to what’s inside the video.

Video SEO Optimization Stats

Source – Medium

Video SEO Website Embedding

Embedding the video in the blog page or website is another way to rank your video in overall Google Search page. Also, it is important that you embed it as the first video in case embedding more than one video on the same page and make it the focus of your page. Google bot usually stops crawling after the first video. It is also suggested not to embed the same video on multiple pages. After all there is no sense competing with yourself, right?

Video Promotion

After completing all the above work, now its time to focus on improving Video views. The more video views we have, the chances will be higher to rank further. There are various ways you can promote your video such as:-

  • Add video to your blog post. This is the best way to promote your video and also increase the value of your contents.
  • Ask your friends and customer to share your video.
  • Join communities and groups and share your video over there.
  • Q&A website such as Quora, Reddit are also a great source to promote your video.
  • In the end of your video description, you can add a call to action and ask users to share your video.
  • Use your video link in your Email Signature.
  • Use social networking sites as well.


Use the above tips to rank your video better in the Google Search page. Video will be playing critical role in coming future, so buckle up and start focusing on Video SEO optimizations.

Do you want to add something? Let us know in the comments!

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Asif is working at EZ Rankings – White Label SEO Reseller Company. He is a keen follower of digital marketing trends from SEO, SMO to Video Marketing. Focused largely on the Digital Marketing Companies and how they are improving with their digital marketing strategy. He is always ready to narrate an engaging story.

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