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September 30, 2015
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Digital Forecast for the Year 2016

If you follow the digital world, you will agree to the fact that digital is changing at a rapid pace.In the digital world, one trend follows the other. Like for example, 10 years back, when getting a website was a big thing while today, the focus is entirely on the app. Yes, better app means better chances of establishing the brand for yourself.

So, with so much happening around us; we thought of sharing some predictions for the year 2016 for you to plan your digital promotions accordingly.

These are our thoughts & beliefs based on the work experience we have so far.

1. Mobile will be the king: Yes, there is no doubt about that. From the estimated spending of 4.92 billion dollars in 2013, the industry is expecting the numbers to go up to $18 billion dollars in the year 2016. Talking about searches, where total numbers searches via mobile were just 24.7%, this number is expected to go up by 63%. So, it is a great time to plan your mobile app budgets, get the website mobile friendly.

2. Local SEO: Talking about how vital local SEO is to own a website is clear with this forecast. We all know that Google is changing, its focus has always been on customers rather than companies. Google will focus a lot on displaying results that are more local than global. This also goes well with mobile search & voice search. Google’s recent Pigeon update proved this quite well.

3. Engagement Marketing: Buyer Engagement is a great way where a brand and a customer associate so as to offer a genuine experience with the brand’s core. It is a long haul association that must be improved after some time. In other words, we specifically connect with customers and encourage him to take an interest in the advancement of a brand through engagement marketing or experiential marketing,

Engagement marketing is about connecting with people:-

  • As Individual
  • Based on what they do
  • Directed towards a goal
  • Everywhere they are

4. NO SEO: Yes, sounds bad but its true. SEO alone stands no meaning in today’s scenario. In order make any digital promotion campaign successful, it is very important to merge content marketing & social media together. Just SEO will not yield customer engagement, user reviews, user-driven feedback. Hence, instead of just opting for SEO, opt for SEM, that’s a mix of SEO services & SMO services.

So, this is all we have to say for now.

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