Black Friday Sales Increase
Published by November 16th, 2018

7 Tips to Increase Black Friday sales

Thanksgiving is almost here now, it is not far away. Besides mashed potato and turkey, for savvy shoppers, this festival stands for the Black Fri...

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Published by December 12th, 2017

5 SEO Tips to Get More Sales on Holiday Session

Holiday shopping is one thing that everyone looks forward to. It is all beginning to rev up as Cyber Monday and Black Friday kick off this partic...

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Sales Funnel
Published by April 4th, 2017

Flawless Sales Funnel Optimization Strategy

Do you have a sales funnel optimization strategy that’s flawless? While sales and marketing are at loggerheads on whose accountability and resp...

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Published by February 2nd, 2017

Effective use of Subject Line & Follow ups in Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing Email marketing is the process which the organizations use to spread the desired information related to their products an...

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Time to Redefine Your Responsibilities
Published by January 27th, 2017

Time to Redefine Your Responsibilities as a Salesperson

In present business scenario, Marketing has been redefined. It’s not just the aggressive run to met targets that make you a good salesperson bu...

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Published by January 23rd, 2017

7 Tips to Plan Your 2017 Sales Strategy

The year 2017 has started and we all must be having business plans for this Fiscal Year to ensure we meet our goals. In this article, I have list...

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Published by September 1st, 2016

Understanding Customer Needs is the Key to Core Sales

While the core of the sales or SEO is still remained same, totally based on our relationship with the client, understanding each other about the ...

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Customer Engagement
Published by April 14th, 2016

Customer Engagement: Ever Changing World

If you still nurture the idea that Customer Engagement is all about revenues, it is high time to change your perceptions. It is not that revenue ...

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