Best Content Marketing Tools You Must Use

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Best Content Marketing Tools You Must Use

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April 22, 2016
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April 26, 2016

Best Content Marketing Tools You Must Use

Content marketing has partnered well with search engine optimization and the results have shown up in every respect. In fact, it is easy to come across the content marketing tools on the wish list of every SEO professional. The truth is that there is a host of options that are available when it comes to content marketing tools; people hardly have time to check the best option. This article highlights some of the best content marketing tools than being utilized by best SEO Company in India.


With the help of this tool, you can plan favorable strategies for your website content that are based on parameters such as keywords, stages of buyer cycle, metadata and custom tags, themes and events. It can help you execute your strategies better by signing metadata to specific parts of the content while you may continue with production and filtering. In short, the creators of the content can follow the updated instructions by accessing the strategy profiles, the editors can find out the real-time content prior to approval. You can make use of this tool a part of their content marketing strategies.


Writing a blog post is one thing and getting good comments from the users is a completely different aspect. Disqus is a tool that brings a community of people that post comments on the blogs on the websites with the help of an easy and attractive approach. Believe it or not, this tool has captivated the attention of a good number of people in the blogging community and website owners love it as it requires no money to add this tool and the comments come in different forms that are captivating such as star rating system and you cannot forget that comments play an important role in SEO rankings.


The trends on social media platforms emerge suddenly and disappear quickly. Before you know what is new and engaging, a content marketing tool may become a buzzword and lose its appeal. Similarly, there are a few terms that become prevalent on the social media platform that is short-lived and must be utilized as soon as they appear on a huge platform.

This tool makes use of real-time data to find out what is hot and what is not across the vast network of social media. With the features of this tool, you can watch out for the trends that are likely to emerge within a short time. Therefore, you can get hold of those keywords that are listed on the top and can give you an edge in terms of search engine rankings.


Businesses often do not need qualified and full-time writers that are professional in the real sense. This tool can help you access those writers that have expertise in niche writing and usually have robust SEO backgrounds.

Although it is hard to predict the trends and changes that occur in the online world, the content marketing tools that have been listed above can be of much use to those working with optimization strategies.


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