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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Website (and SEO)

| February 24th, 2015 | 118 Views

A website that appears good to you and your team may not appear good to Google. Instead of “stealing” the website layout from some other company site, you need to think out of the box, work on your company site to beautifully design it with effective codes and offering a great user experience.

Some badly designed websites with poor user experience have these common mistakes.

1 – Endless scrolls

Many site owners feel scrolls keep the visitors engaged, as they don’t have to click to view a page. To keep your visitors engaged, what you need is a good use case which is not narrowly focused. Infinite Scroll, slow page loading, creates placement confusion, improper categorization of content, and creates browser performance issues.

2 – Lazy loading

It means non-appearance of content (text or graphics) on a particular part of a page until you interact with that part of the page. It can potentially harm your site’s indexing on Google, as the spiders will be unable to interact with your content and load the rest of the page.

3 – Parallax

Websites using parallax have SEO issues, including one URL and inability to find content easily. Also, it creates a frustrating user experience in the absence of a fluid Parallax experience.

4 – Not Mobile-Friendly

A mobile-friendly site brings more traffic and creates maximum engagement leading to higher click-through rates and ROI.

5 – Hamburger Menus

Today, it’s a common custom to remove all menus and load in a “hamburger menu”. This type of menu leads to lower discoverability due to hidden content and is less efficient.

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