Conversion Rate Optimization Package will help improve the number of visitors to your website that convert into customers. Our CRO Package improves the conversion performance of sites in multiple sectors.

CRO Packages



Guaranteed 20% increase in conversion rate.

Guaranteed 50% increase in conversion rate. Guaranteed 80% increase in conversion rate.
Suggested Time Frame 6 months 12 months 12 months
Marketing & Consultation
Initial Business Marketing Consultation
Business Analysis & Consultation
12 Month Marketing Strategy Plan
Identifying new opportunities wrong Right
Identify New Ideas, Growth & Improvement Strategies wrong Right
Business Model Canvas wrong Right
Detailed Report- In depth Business Strategy & Marketing Plan wrong Right
Digital Advertising Campaigns
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Digital Ads campaigns vary greatly between Client, their industry, budget, competitive market, etc.
NOTE: Additional charges to include digital advertising in your package.

E-mail Marketing Campaigns
Email Blasts wrong 7,500 data 12,500 data
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Accounts 1 2 4
Platform to choose from: Facebook (Most popular), Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Yelp & YouTube
Paid Facebook Marketing (Package cost includes this) $75/month $125/month $200/month
Creative Graphic Design– Monthly
Promotional Banners / Headers / Images 1 4 8
Content Marketing – Monthly
Blog Posts 1 2 4
Article Writing 1 2 4
Press Release Writing 1 in 2 months 1 4
Website Optimization & Maintenance
On Page Content Optimization ( Pages / year)
Website Content Update ( Hours / month)
CMS & Plugins Updates ( per year) wrong 1 2
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Our conversion rate optimization services include the following:

  • Marketing and consulting
  • Digital advertising campaigns
  • E-mail marketing campaigns
  • Social media and Content marketing 
  • Creative Graphic design
  • Web site optimization and maintenance

Please find more details on our CRO packages:

  • Starter Package: This CRO package guarantees 20%, increasing in your conversion rates within 6 months. This CRO Plan is very basic.
  • Booster Package: This Conversion Rate Optimization Plan is one of our top selling packages. Exclusively designed for the needs of small businesses. We create an email template and sent to end client on your behalf.
  • Premium Package: Under this CRO package, we guarantee 80% increase in the conversion rates within 12 months. Designed for the needs of enterprises.

NOTE: All our CRO packages are custom-built based on each client’s needs.
To know more about our CRO packages, send email to contactus@ezrankings.org OR call @ 91 9810572967.


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